Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dreaming of Hand Quilting But Doing Crafty Stuff Instead So I Won't Arrive Empty Handed

Today is one of those days that I have a million things to be doing and I just don't wanna. So I played in my quilt room for awhile. Organized my box of hand quilting thread.
My stock of  hand quilting thread
Thought about trying to push through the last border of stitching on this particular quilt. Nah, not right now. Maybe this evening....
A bit of loviliness in the hoop...
I'd much rather be dreaming about doing the hand quilting on this one! There's got to be something I could do to make this quilt look magnificent.*wink
Wondering how I'll end up quilting this one...
But finally, I checked one of my little to-do items off the list. Procrastination will only work for so long. You see, there's this party tonight. Kind of an end of the year secret pal thing and we've been asked to bring a home-made gift along with our 'revealing' gift. CUE the panic. I did the Pinterest thing and rolled my eyes at all the cute little chapstick holder keychain type things. Seriously? Who keeps the necessary hardware around? Then I stumbled on this beauty:
A little throw-together pillow from an orphan block and scraps...
Mines a bit more shabby chic and probably a lot more lumpy too. Somehow my pillows are never quite as stylin' as all the Pinterest pillow queens are. I thought about quilting it on the machine. Considered some funky big stitch work? Then I just kind of told myself to STOP. It's an exchange.*sigh  Why do I let myself freak out over all this crafty stuff? It's not like I'm trying to fob a macaroni necklace off on someone or something terribly lame like that....

p.s. I keep forgetting to mention it, but my mom has had another five packages trickle in during the last week or so. They are from California, Florida, Ontario Canada, Australia and even Qatar! Thank you so very much to everyone who has helped make my mom's days a little brighter.


  1. And from a fellow procrastinator, I totally understand that sometimes sorting thread is better than the other options available! I'm sure your pillow is adorable, lumpy or not! LOL So glad to hear your mom has gotten lots of mail love. Thinking of it makes me smile.

  2. Well I was making this necklace from pasta.......hahaha, I am trying to keep my hobby just that a hobby but sometimes it can feel a little like work, strange huh? I will take your thoughts on board and relax a little. :-)

  3. The milk jug with flowers looks pretty but at first I thought it was owl eyes until I saw the stems in the jug. Your little pillow turned out cute. I have the same problem with my pillows never looking quite as professional as I would like them to.
    You should take another picture of all your mother's fabrics all stored away. I bet it is a bunch. Has she had time to think of something creative to make? I know she is working towards getting a home again.

  4. I have procrastination nailed and down to a fine art. I call it thinking time !!!

  5. That pillow looks so cuddly and inviting!! and looks as it wasn't whipped up at the last minute lol. I bet your mum is a legend at the post office by now!

  6. You COULD have hand glued some macaroni on there, though! :) :)

    Seriously it is so pretty...who wouldn't be happy to receive it!

  7. Cute little gift! I have been so overwhelmed by my project list that I have been avoiding my sewing room

  8. Look forward to see what design you chose to quilt that beauty with.

  9. Some of my best times are just doing what I wanna.


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