Monday, September 29, 2014

Random Monday

A total of eight envelopes have arrived for my mother just since Friday! Very exciting to see all the lovelies that are being sent. Wouldn't you know, she actually got on my blog and read about what was happening on Thursday night? Mind too troubled, couldn't sleep etc. So not a TOTAL surprise, but still--she didn't read the comments so has been completely bemused by the amount sent. Already. lol
Sorry the pic isn't better, I think the yellow manila envelopes
affected the color in the entire picture!
I keep telling her there will be more, but she gives me that look. Hm. hm. We'll see. Yep. We will see!! I can tell she is finding this very fun even if she's a bit bewildered to be on the receiving end for once instead of being the giver. I'm also trying to tell her a bit about the person sending fabric if I recognize the name and/or blog. It's all very touching and again--such great fun! Thank you to all the participants for that! For now I am just gathering the names of people who want one of my brown fat quarters in return. Will send them all out at once to be more efficient!
My lovely win!
I also got some fun mail of my own. Barb from Fun With Barb sent me some gorgeous fabric {and thread} I won from her latest giveaway! I am already busy dreaming up news quilt projects for these beauties. Really. I LOVE this kind of fabric and rarely get a chance to buy it around here.

In the spirit of working my way through the UFQ list, I threw my Random Sampler quilt up on the wall this weekend. All I've done so far is sew the half square triangles around my large basket block. Originally this was going to be a queen size quilt, but now, I'm thinking to downsize a bit. Will need to make a few more random blocks and then work on the connector bits to tie it all together. Mostly I need to work on the length as I prefer quilts to be longer than they are wide.
Random Sampler
I also pulled out this old quilt top and made a very drastic decision. Yep. I'm unpicking this quilt. Every single time I pull this quilt out of the drawers to consider putting it in the hoop, I absolutely am not interested. 'Not worth the effort' is pretty much my thoughts.
Mini Cake Stand quilt
So.... that's how is has to be. I've slept on this decision for oh.... well over a year? And my feelings toward this quilt never seem to change. I love the blocks--hate the way I set it together. And the birds, while whimsical, annoy me. I fell in love with the brown and cream floral print and was determined to use it even though my gut was telling me that it wasn't going to work out.
Starting to take it all apart--maybe just to the 9-patch units?
Me, being stubborn, pushed on through and sewed it altogether, then added in a bit of applique to distract from the big 'ol mess I'd made. It's a large quilt so this will take awhile.*sigh  I really have no idea what I'll do to 'fix' things but almost anything will be better than what I had. Bottom line: the baskets are too sweet to lose to an good experiment gone bad.


  1. nice to see all the fabric arriving ! :)

    Your sampler is gorgeous all the bright colors !

  2. I am sure there will be lots and lots of more envelopes...
    Mmmmmh - much new inspiration from your quilts! Thank you!
    Best wishes!

  3. mailing mine today! I am hoping this just makes her smile and people do want to help her start quilting again :)

  4. Mailing mine today...or tomorrow depending on life! LOL
    Those tiny cakestands are special, I can't wait to see what wonderful idea takes over. I love the way to explain the process and how you feel about it. You're awesome!

  5. Fun to see the envelopes arriving! I hope the fabric makes her feel like good things happen also.

  6. Lucky you, the goodies look wonderful. I just want to encourage you, un-pick with abandon and keep going until you love this quilt again.

  7. Oh, I like that wonky basket with the flowers. Keep on plugging away at this piece. I like what you have going.

  8. Those are adorable cake stands - it will be worth it! I'm so glad your mom is enjoying the envelopes :0)

  9. Funny your mom read your blog post with the call out for fabric.
    I don't do unpicking much, but I'd have to agree if you aren't feeling the love on the basket quilt then you should remove the blocks from the rest. I like the 9 patch setting a lot for the blocks.

  10. Glad your Mom is having fun with all her "new" fabrics; can't wait to see what she concocts with them! Those little cake stands are so adorable...gosh, I've NEVER unpicked anything...You have much patience...hugs, Julierose

  11. The baskets are so cute, that is a lot of unpicking. Maybe you would like it better if you used another setting fabric maybe something with green.
    Glad the fabrics have started ariving.
    My package for your Mom is in the car waiting for my next trip into town to mail.

  12. Oh.. I know that feeling all too well. I hate unpicking... but your cakestand/basket blocks are so cute, it will be worth it. I am also working on the same blocks.. have put it away for awhile. It's a good winter project, but seeing your blocks has rejuvenated my interest again. Good luck! Glad your Mom is enjoying all the attention! Mine was mailed on Thursday!

  13. I so enjoy your blog and your quilts are such an inspiration. I know what you mean about unpicking your quilt. I had a small quilt that I started to machine quilt and I felt it saying, "I need to be hand quilted". So unquilting it was what I did. Please tell your mom that while it might seem strange to be on the receiving end, she is actually doing many of us a favor. She is allowing us to serve and that is a good thing! :) Have a great day!

  14. My parcel is on its way Audrey. I hope your Mom is having lots of fun opening these little packages of sunshine. It makes me smile to think of her getting random packages.

    Sometimes a quilt just doesn't do it for us . Kudos for the decision to unpick - I did that once too. I totally agree those gorgeous baskets are too pretty to waste !

  15. My envelope went out on Saturday, I am so happy to send her some happy mail!
    We all have projects like this one. I never feel guilty because I learned something from it! I do love the cake stands!

  16. you will need to take a photo of your mom with her new stash next month! I get home tomorrow and will be sending her off a envelope shortly to add to the stash!

  17. It looks like your Mom is getting a nice assortment of fabrics! Congratulations on your win!. I love your Sampler quilt! I sure you hope you find a solution you are happy with on the last quilt.

  18. It's so fun to know your mom is receiving such wonderful parcels. She'll have some from Australia soonish too.
    Unpicking the troublesome quilt is a good step towards it becoming something you'll love.
    Congratulations on the win from Barb. You're the perfect p[erson to win those beautiful fabrics.

  19. i will be putting a package in the mail this afternoon. I am so glad that there has been such a good response. I know how much it meant to me to see the fat quarters and fabric that quilters sent me after my house burned down in 2006. I love your sampler quilt. I hope you figure out how you want to finish it. Love from the Ozark Mountains, ARK!!

  20. Yes, those mini blocks are worth saving! A big unpicking job is a good tv project, I've found.

    I am impressed but not surprised at all the fabric your mom has already received. And I think this is just the beginning!


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