Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Scrap Attack #1--Log Cabin Ready to Be Quilted

My Giveaway is still open until the end of the week! There is a Kathy and a Susan from Troutdale that are no-reply commentors making it impossible for me to contact them should they win! Fall has definitely arrived around here. My oldest son has been sleeping outside in our camp trailer and it's starting to get cold enough that he's decided to move back inside until he leaves again (3 weeks!). I finally pulled out the log cabin quilt I want to get finished up for him to take back to college.
Scrap Attack #1--Log Cabin
When I mentioned that I had it pinned and ready to machine quilt I couldn't believe how excited he was. 'You never told me!' he says. Men. We had this conversation at least 2 months ago.
Love all the different fabrics used throughout.
So now I'm committed, which is fine. I intend to do very basic straight line quilting anyway, nothing fancy. I'm sure it will get very well used making hand quilting an unnecessary evil. lol  The quilt is 70" x 84" so I'm hoping it will work well on his twin bed and still be wide enough to wrap up in. Quilts that are too narrow and scrawny never seem to get used, do they?
Probably not pinned close enough.....
For anyone that is interested, I get my rolls of batting from Heartbeat Quilting in Spokane, Washington. I order on the net and get my batting shipped through the post office. They have quick, wonderful service and no I don't have any affiliation with them whatsoever!


  1. Hi Audrey, looks like you're ready to move on to the next step. The colors have the look of fall and are definitely guy oriented. Your son's going to enjoy it.

  2. Your son is very lucky, it's a gorgeous quilt.....masculine but still colourful.

  3. Very nice quilt for a guy...I do like the brown and green together.

  4. You truly have a gift for color. Love this combo of fabrics and design for a guy. He's a lucky boy!

  5. What a nice looking quilt. You mentioned your batting, which has made me curious: What kind do you use?

  6. Perfect man's quilt. There's a still a lot to do with a 3 week deadline, though!

    It's funny that you mention how small quilts don't get used, when just today I have been deciding between a small or a large version of a design I have in mind. I was leaning towards the large one anyway, but it is nice to have some reinforcement!

  7. Looks like an ideal quilt for a college bound (again!) guy! Great fabrics, colors, and design. And what a bonus that he's excited about it!

  8. log cabins are great for using up the skinny strips aren't they~!? yours looks great.
    i've been putting a group of log cabins together for a guild raffle during our christmas bazaar . . . i make a few every week and the pile slowly groweth.


  9. Thats a perfect quilt for a bloke...great colours simple layout (although it looks fabulous) and big enough to be scrunched, dragged, wrapped in , and as a bed cover. Perfect for cool college nights.

  10. I totally get his excitement, the top is really cool with the half log cabin blocks in very masculene colours! Did you clean out your scrap boxed with this, or not even make a dent?..

  11. What a great quilt for your son! Isn't it great he's so enthusiastic about it. I love how there's lots of chopped log cabins except for the one full one in the middle.

  12. What a great guy's quilt...love it!

  13. It's beautiful .... so much work .... you are very smart .... I like to look at you :-)


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