Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hand Quilting Decisions and a Little Work on my Quarter Circles

After much stalling, delaying, and all right, I admit it, sheer avoidance! I finally came to a decision about how to quilt the scalloped border on my Vintage Reproduction quilt.
Vintage Reproduction progress.
Of course I quickly realized that it looked more like an alien cat mask than a good border design.
Only one of my very bad ideas...
Not however, quickly enough to avoid having to wash out a whole bunch of blue marking lines.
The final decision.
In an effort to remove the entire image from sight (and mind) I cut the entire weird circle look right out of the middle of the template.
A very rustic system of marking...
Which resulted in a quite pleasing border design after all. I'm strange that way. Don't try to follow my process too closely.  It might be contagious.*wink

Oh yeah.  In case you were wondering. (I know I was), the reason the template is scrunched up in the middle is because of the shorter scallops on the ends of the border where I have to make proper adjustments.  Otherwise I would have redrawn it onto stronger template plastic. Maybe?
Always playing
I also pulled out my stack of appliqued circles the other day and started playing with them.  There is actually a roughly drawn plan for this quilt, but I'm a little nervous about showing it.  For right now it's just fun to play and see if it will all pan out like I envision in my head.
Cutting out the excess from from the back.
Probably not.  It rarely does! I'm loving working with these very light prints though and that is enough to prod me along on my journey. If you work with what you love, I say you'll work a little longer and maybe even stick it out to an wonderful finish someday...


  1. I think your stitch idea is very pretty. I have not graduated from cross hatch yet, so I admire your stitching.

  2. I love your creative approach to quilting design, it looks very similar to mine! It will be great to have an *original* quilt.

  3. I think your border goes perfectly with a repro quilt...It reminds me of the swags you'd see in a lovely old curtain. Brilliant job.

  4. Love how this is coming along. So true about working with what you love. Enjoy the process!

  5. Wonderful!! Always fun to create your own!! Well done!!


  6. Your border scallops are perfect, like smiles all around the quilt!

  7. Nothing wrong with trial and error as a process - I use it all the time.

    Your quilt looks like it is coming along beautifully!

  8. If at first you don't succeed.... the outcome is worth it! Looks lovely. Mysterious circles......

  9. Audrey, I just love how you share your whole creative process! And that quilt... it just keeps getting better and better.

  10. It is a fantasy of beauty .... I would like for you to stop, you're very clever :-)


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