Monday, May 20, 2013

Entering 'Sew Charming' Into the Blogger's Quilt Festival

My apologies for posting about this quilt again so quickly, but I just couldn't resist entering it into the Blogger's Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side.  Next time around I should work on being more prepared for the Festival.  Maybe try the sneak approach instead of posting about every step of the process along the way?*wink
Sew Charming
I'm entering this quilt into the Scrap Quilt category.  This particular quilt came together very fast over the course of about a week.  I saw a picture of a lovely, springy looking quilt that made me remember a little stack of 9-patch blocks leftover from a previous project.
Looking very scrappy
I've devised several different quilt ideas in my head for these little orphaned quilt blocks through the last several months, but nothing ever 'took' until I got started with this project. Not that I ever really tried very hard of course!
Playing with the 9-patches
My mom generously rescued me with my border fabric dilemma (I don't have a lot of big pieces of fabric or very much bright, young or fun fabrics either) and I was able to gift it to a young friend in plenty of time for her graduation party.
My crazy bright back.
It came out to about 55" square which is a little small for a lap quilt, but I absolutely love the cheerfulness it exudes and I'm pretty sure it has found a good home.  Go ahead and click on over to the Spring 2013 Blogger's Quilt Festival for some wonderful eye candy.  You know you want to!


  1. I didn't have anything ready for the festival - glad to see this one in it!

  2. Looks very pretty and cuddly - well done!

  3. Very pretty - great rescue of orphaned blocks!

  4. Every day the sticky note that says "post blog fest entry" just stares at me!! So good for you for jumping in! I might have already mentioned how much I like this quilt. :)

  5. I'd never have believed these blocks weren't originally meant for this quilt! The yellow sashing and the blue border complement the blocks so well! It's really lovely :)

  6. Looks fabulous, and I really like that it is on point! The sashing is perfect too! Great entry into the festival!

  7. Its wonderful to see this happy quilt again! Even the backing is bright and beautiful!!

  8. audacieux choix du tissus à fleurs pour la bordure mais ensemble réussi ,félicitations

  9. Ooo... I'm diggin' this! I have a pile of 9-patches that have been languishing, waiting for some inspiration to hit. Your setting is a lot of fun! I just love the bright tones in this quilt-- it is begging for a good snuggle. What a special gift!


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