Friday, May 10, 2013

Basket Medallion Border Work and Orphan Block Fun

I have the Flower Pot basket border almost ready to sew onto the Basket Medallion quilt now.  All four border units are sewn together and just basically waiting on me to make a decision about the fabric for the coping border.  Maybe another striped fabric?  While it's true that I don't want all my quilts to start looking like identical twins, I am actually considering using the same sashing fabric I used in this quilt.
Flower Pot basket blocks ready for border
It's hard to see in the pictures, but these mixed brown fabrics are really rich and dreamy looking compared to the paler yellows used in the quilt.  I was a little worried about how some of the fabrics would look up next to the reds, but it's all behaving very well together.*whew  Kind of makes me want a Hershey bar for afternoon snack though!
All 4 borders ready to go...
Then I got a bright idea about those leftover 9-patches that kept catching the corner of my eye every time I ironed something.  Good tip for the future:  Keep orphan blocks in a clear Ziploc just out of plain sight, but where you can still see tiny little glimpses of them. Very alluring with all that potential greatness!
A slight diversion of plans
I somehow went a bit crazy and ended up with way too many of these blocks back when I was working on this Material Obsession quilt.  Me and 9-patches?  Well, I don't think we quite know when to quit.
36 scrappy blocks of goodness
They quickly sewed together into a nice little stack of goodness which had me positively rubbing my hands in glee!  Amazing how fast blocks can go together when you don't have to bother with cutting fabric.  Then I had to dig around and find a good fabric to frame the blocks and make sure they didn't all mush together.  Maybe I'm getting too reliant on sashing lately?  There was a time I refused to have any whatsoever in my quilts....
Going together very fast!
Anyway, I want to reassure you that I haven't forgotten any the projects on my LIST.  Those of you who like to practice project monogomy and get irritated by all this hop, skip, jumping around, this is just a very slight diversion.  Nothing important at all.*wink


  1. LOL - one project at a time? how can we manage doing that - there are quilters who do that? surely not LOL - someone gave me a pattern today that they had been gifted of and said it was way too hard for them - couldn't believe it - I am now in possession of a 30 dollar pattern that is staring at me willing me to get started and I can't I have way too many going right now (and this pattern was one I saw recently and thought I must have)

  2. Too many going on at the same time. Is there something called too much? New to me!
    Treat yourself that Hursey bar, enjoy and keep those quilts coming along. Those baskets looks great.

  3. What exectly is one project at a time? The concept is lost on me ;-)
    Keep sharing your wonderful projects!

  4. The definition of boring... one project at a time! What fun would that be? :)

  5. Audrey, I ALWAYS have multiple projects happening. There is usually a quilt under one of the machines being quilted, then there is the current leader/ender project which is just being filled up while I sew, and often there is one which I have pieced a gazzillion blocks, and its waiting to get put into some sort of a quilt, then there is some sort of quick piecing job which gets attention when I don't feel like using my brain, then there is the real WIP which is something needing some thought & planning, and there is always a hand piecing project which I do in front of the TV. That is just for starters LOL. I admire those who can pick up something and finish it before moving onto the next project. Not me!! Dasha

  6. Love seeing all those different projects you are working on! How many hours in a day for you? You do so much! And it all looks great!

  7. I love seeing your projects - keep 'em coming!

  8. I love your baskets Audrey! The reds and browns are so rich together. I never work on just one project at a time. Sometimes I need to put a project aside and wait for more inspiration.

  9. I enjoy seeing all your different projects all those lovely rich browns and plaids and then the bright nine patch blocks such fun.

  10. I think the pale yellow with the darker browns and reds is magic - will look wonderful!

  11. I think brown gives a warm look to a quilt and I love to use it. Good choice.

  12. Love those rich browns and I think that sashing fabric you used in the other quilt would work quite well. I wouldn't worry about using sashing too often. It may just be your "sashing phase". ; c )
    9-patches may just be my favorite block - so versatile and so fun to play with.
    Happy Mother's Day! Hope you find time to stitch. Somehow, I think you will!

  13. The basket blocks are lovely and I can see how rish the wonderful browns are! It makes me want to start a brown project this instant!!

  14. The sashing youre thinking about using for your baskets would look great! Great idea to leave orphan blocks around so you can see them and be ready for inspiration to hit.


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