Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finding Time to Hand Quilt and Prep on Low Volume #2

Hand quilting is almost always a slow process around here.  It is my absolute favorite late evening sit-on-the-couch-and-unwind-from-the-day method of relaxation.  With kids and a busy life, I must say though, that there are lots of evenings the poor quilt never even makes it out of the bag.
Hand quilting
For the last two years or so I have had a general goal of completing one hand quilting project every two months.  It doesn't always happen, but since my drawers are overflowing with quilt tops, this sort of keeps me on track to at least occasionally celebrate a 'real' finish.*wink
Progress on Vintage Reproduction
I'm trying to keep the hand quilting on this quilt relaxed and fairly organic.  I did mark the straight line on the green fabric, but otherwise, there has been no other marking on this quilt so far.
So much loveliness!
It's amazing how much can be accomplished in a couple hours here and there until eventually the entire quilt is done.  Again, it is a SLOW process, but I think the rewards are well worth it for me.  Our life has been very stressful the last couple years with all of our financial difficulties and hand quilting is incredibly soothing and calming.  A few stitches in and out and I am usually well on my way to a better frame of mind.
Inspiration pic
I dug around the other day and finally came up with my original inspiration picture.  It was a 'no-name' antique quilt published in Quiltmania magazine several years ago, but I can't find the date on the front or back of the page. Funnily enough, I just discovered the same picture on Pinterest early this week, so apparently it's making it's way around there right now too!  You can see I took the liberty to change a few things, but the integrity of the quilt is still the same. Oh how I wish I could see the original!
Low Volume #2 circle prep.
On another note, I started in on the initial prep work for my Low Volume #2 quilt.  (Yes, I am entranced with circles right about now.)
Cutting circles freehand...
I cut them out ala 'Country Threads' in all their freehand beauty.  I'm enjoying the results from my drunkards path project, but I really want these circles to have an older, less contemporary, appliqued look.
Not so perfect looking...
Some of the circles haven't turned out so pretty, but I want that too.  Some people can't handle the look and that's okay. Personally, I find it rather charming.  lol


  1. I Love the freehand look, and your circles are looking fabulous, and lovely in your low volume fabrics I've been quilting in the evenings and so agree that stitching is great at soothing a busy day away. The quilt in your hoop is so beautiful, it's great to see the original quilt too.

  2. I think it's charming too! And I love the hand quilting progress. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I agree with you completely. I made my Mom a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and I have plenty of pretty blocks in it but also some not quite so pretty and I love it.

    I am such a slow quilter that it took me forever to quilt my first Seven Sisters quilt. Maybe I need to make a specific goal like you have. I do have a total of 7 seven sisters quilts to make so I do need to get going on them!

  4. Very charming circles!
    Love your version of the antique. So sad they cannot give credit to the owner of the antique. Wouldn't it be great if it were in a collection and we could see it?

  5. I like the charm plan, too! Plus it's way less stressful. Lovely projects.

  6. Stitching does soothe the soul. And you end up with a beautiful quilt when you're done! Win/Win!

    Love your circles. I did a Bullseye quilt a la Country Threads. I had no pattern and cut free-hand, and I still love the look of that quilt.

  7. Hi, Audrey. I just found your blog and I can tell me have a lot in common. I'm going to enjoy following along on all of your projects old and new.

  8. Your hand quilting is lovely I wish I could get into the rhythm of it. Just wondering if you matched the front or the back with thread color?
    I think a quilt would have to be really small for me to get it quilted in two months. LOL!

  9. You can get a quilt top quilted in 2 months - while working on other projects? I'm impressed. With working on just one project at a time and with being retired and able to spend decent-sized chunks of time quilting, it takes me at least 2 months to get a twin-sized bed quilt hand quilted. I started quilting DGD's quilt on February 16, and I'm getting close to getting it finished ... with any luck, I might get it finished by April 16 (but it's iffy - I've got some busy days coming up where I'll not be able to devote a lot of time to quilting). But I certainly have to agree with you about how relaxing and therapeutic hand quilting is.

  10. This quilt is a very beautiful color.
    I also quilting after this.
    Let's do our best. :D

  11. Handquilting is slow, but the process is just wonderful, I love it too, but will have to machinequilt some of my tops, else they will never get finished. And perfect.... is not always that charming, is it?

  12. I just love your current hand quilting project! I try to hand quilt or stitch for at least an hour every evening. Doesn't always happen, but I try! It really is amazing how quickly it goes when you actually work on it!!

  13. I sure can relate to the soothing benefits of hand stitching!


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