Friday, March 29, 2013

Always Another Quilt in the Hoop

You know me.  Finish a quilt up and it's time to stick another quilt in the hoop! I've been contemplating how to go about hand quilting this particular quilt ever since I finished the quilt top.  I really think it can handle some free form hand quilting but I'm always so very nervous about big chunky plain borders.  Ack!
Vintage Reproduction Quilt
I love the playful, exuberant look of this quilt mixed with the reproduction setting.  The Hawaiian flower in the centerpiece was part of a friends abandoned BOM at one time.  I appliqued it to the pink background fabric and started my reproduction quilt out with a big, major change (which probably means it's not so reproduction any longer).  The gist of this quilt did follow the general look of an old quilt I saw in a quilt magazine years ago and was using as inspiration.  I'm having trouble finding that picture now, but I'll try to get the details on that soon.  I also wanted to point out that I KNOW the circles are not exactly perfect! Don't worry.  It's totally on purpose.  There's something about imperfect circles that speaks to something deep inside me, but we don't need to get into that today.*wink
Close-up of the wobbly circles.
The batting I use is 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom batting which I buy on the roll--96" wide and 30 yds. long.  Look at how flat this batting is less than 5 minutes after I take it off the roll and smooth it out with my hands! Love that!  Only one crease to deal with ever and it never ripples on me or refuses to cooperate.
Looking at the batting...
Not that I need to start another project, but I've been playing around with some light fabrics for awhile now, thinking about making another (sort of) Low Volume quilt.  I don't buy a lot of these fabrics, so I've dug really deep into my fabric totes and pulled out a strange and kind of wonderful combination.
Another Low Volume in the works?
What I really, really need to do is try to get another quilt top finished up, but in actuality, the lure of starting something new (maybe even a couple of new projects) is getting pretty irresistible.  It's not like there's any rules against this.  Is there? 


  1. Wow! I love your new medallion quilt. I am looking for ideas for my next workshop with Gwen Marston on medallion quilts. Yours is very inspiring. Your "imperfect" circles are perfect.

  2. What an absolutely "FUN" quilt!!! Looking forward to seeing how you quilt it!! You are turning out the finishes!! Way to go!!

  3. No, no rules! I love the pink/orange combo in your medallion. That is going to be a fun quilt. Happy quilting!

  4. The colour combinations in your medallion quilt are so appealing. And you finished with a bang, in my book anyway. I love it. What sort of thread are you quilting with?

  5. Gorgeous quilt top - looking forward to following along with the quilting!

  6. I love it! does the batting you use shrink up at all? I have thought of using it sometimes but always stick with my 100% cotton that I know will shrink a little and give me that antique look. I wish I had room to store a big roll of batting like that!!
    Do you pin baste or thread baste?

  7. Another awesome quilt!! LOVE IT!!
    You are very talented, my dear!

  8. I just love this!! I love the colors and the setting and the circles, everything about this is fun! I worked on a quilt with lots of pink and "low volume" today too...great minds think alike, don't they? There is only one rule...HAVE FUN. If you can say yes to that, you're in good shape. I'll bet you find yourself smiling every time you stitch on this one.

  9. I so love this quilt! Can't wait to see you work your quilting magic.
    No rules in quilting - I say go with your inspiration!

  10. Again, I love your work. Can't wait to see how you quilt it.
    Happy Easter XXX

  11. Love the color combinations you are using on this quilt! The yellow, the green, the pink, it just all works wonderfully! Great pattern too! It's just lovely.

  12. I love your new quilt that center just really speaks to me!!!!!
    ok the circles are just fun and if they work for you don't listen to anyone else , can't believe someone would point out other wise.
    No rules if you want to make another quilt go for it! don't' worry about those wip's !!!!
    have fun thats what quilting is all about!

  13. Wow, Audrey. This is stunning. I have been busy looking at your photos of it. Love the colours and the pattern. It all works so well together. Makes me happy just to look at it. You sure are a big inspiration to me. Love it, thanks for sharing.

  14. The only rule is follow your heart, If a new quilt is calling maybe you should play along. I'm really loving what is in the hoop, the center and colours are wonderful and the scallops and black circle border is really awesome!!

  15. Just relax and go with the flow. It will be (it is already beautiful) beautiful when you are finished. You know you have to expand your wings to grow.

  16. Love all the saturated color in the center - yum.
    Congrats on another great project.
    Looking forward to your next project - and thanks for sharing!


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