Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Smaller Quilt in the Hoop For Once

I wanted to show the quilt that I'm playing with now.  I sewed the top together about two years ago all in one day.  I think the name of the pattern is 'Turning 20', but it's been so long I really don't remember!  The main thing was, I didn't want to cut some of the fabrics up too much and I wanted a fast, mindless project.
The next quilt to go in the hoop
When I sandwich a smaller quilt, I always have to dig through my leftover batting to find out if I can piece something together.  Yep!  Three pieces sewn together with a double stitch and then cut very close to the seam makes a big enough piece for this particular quilt.  I do so love being frugal.*wink
Pieced batting works just fine too...
 It's not a fancy quilt so I decided to play with the stitching.  I've been wanting to try out some big stitch quilting with some of that yummy Perle cotton.  I had to read up on it and figure out the size (#8) and if I was supposed to use one strand or two and hello?  It's pretty obvious after you look at the thread on the roll! I know, I know, I could have picked a quilt that would show-case it a little better, but I'm learning.  Maybe when I get my confidence built up I'll try for something more umm, spectacular and showy.  lol
Turning 20?  I think that's the name of this pattern
So far, so good and it's going super fast too!  I think my stitches could actually be a little larger, but for now I'm having fun and not worrying too much about anything.
Big stitch quilting experiment
I can definitely see why this could become addictive.....


  1. What a cute little quilt! I love the colors!!! I've been thinking about doing some quilting with Perle cotton!!! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!!


  2. I tried out perle thread on a very small table centre a while back and loved the extra texture the thread gave. So I decided to use it again on another project...although like you I think my stitch needs to be bigger...I also love that the quilting gets finished quicker!
    The colours in your quilt are beautiful.

  3. I too are joining in the give the perle cotton a try - I ordered some in brown and when it comes I will be trying it out on a baby quilt. I wonder after so many years of trying for small stitches that I will be able to do them big! I read though that the #8 was harder to pull through the 3 layers so I am trying #12 - it is just an experiment for now so it is ok if it doesn't turn out!

  4. That looks like a turning twenty to me. That pattern taught me how to make quilts. It's such a quick easy rewarding pattern. I love your combo of fabrics. Good on you for making the most of your batting. You'll love quilting with perle, it's so fun and rewarding. Happy stitching!!

  5. Love big stitch quilting! Have only done it during a workshop so far, but it was so comfortable to just have my work on the table and not in a hoop. I read you still put your quilt in a hoop, do you find that easier? And isn't that big thread fun to work with? Enjoy!

  6. Adorable quilt! Have fun with the big stitch quilting. :)

  7. I don't hand stitch but sure do admire a hand stitched quilt. The big stitch quilting always catches my eye with its more homey look. Your quilt is gonna look great ( hey- it already does).


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