Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So Hard To Make a Decision

I admit it.  I am a ditherer.  Whenever I finish up the hand quilting on a quilt, I like to immediately get the next quilt top sandwiched and into the hoop.  It just seems difficult sometimes to make that decision about which quilt is at the front of the line!  After all, we're going to be spending so very much time together in the next couple months! These are the three quilt tops I've narrowed it down to--out of about 20 possibilities, so... whew!  I'm getting there.
Next up to go in the hoop?
My husband and I have discussed the fact that I really need to buy a walking foot for my Bernina so that I will feel more comfortable playing with machine quilting on the occasional quilt.  The local Bernina dealer, about an hour away, immediately figured out that I was looking on the Internet (so as to save money, hello?).  Nothing against her, but I think I can get it for about half of her quoted price, especially if I factor in the fuel it would take to make the drive.  Need to do some more research apparently.....
Prep work for hand pieced bow-ties
I finally got my little stack of pieces for the bow-ties cut out, marked and ready to go with me to the state games.  There are only about 35 blocks prepped, but somehow I think that may still be a bit too ambitious for such a busy weekend.  Oh well.  Better to have too many prepared than not enough.
Working on a border...
Since my quilting hoop is empty, I have spent a little more time working on this applique border in the evenings.  I know it could be finished up in one long dedicated afternoon, but somehow that time never seems to be there.  Kids these days.  Why do they think they need so much attention anyway?*wink


  1. I'm the same way! I just finished quilting a baby quilt and now feel so strange at night with nothing to do with my hands. I've starting embroidering a dishtowel and re-organizing my floss as a filler until my next quilt is basted. The first quilt on the top with the black polka dots would be my choice but they're all lovely.

  2. I can relate! I'm drawn to the hourglass on the right, but most likely I would complicate that by considering borders....leading to auditioning, decision-making, more sewing, etc before basting and getting in the hoop.

    So I vote, pick the one that is ready to sandwich!

    LOVE your work!!

  3. Oh yes, handquilting is wonderful. I only always get sore and bloody fingertip, so can only do it for one or two days at a time, then need to do something else for two days, so my fingertip can heal and then go back to quilting again. Enjoy all your projects!

  4. You are such a tease! Now I want to see those quilts on the railing in full view! The one on the left has me very curious! I think any one you pick will be a joy to work on, they all look amazing. And you have 20 more to choose from? Good grief you are productive.

  5. I am always doing the same as you - as soon as one comes off of the frame I am thinking of which quilt should go on it next - I'm not sure in my case and I have a couple more months to think about it.
    I need a walking foot too - after two that broke or stopped working? I'm not sure - I keep wondering do I really need one - yes I think I do and I'm looking for one tomorrow seeing as I really need to go to Little Rock anyhow for my doctor appointment.

  6. All of your quilt options look gorgeous - it would be hard for me to choose as well. I am hand-stitching the binding on a quilt but once that is finished I will be hand quilting my Seven Sisters quilt.

  7. I agree with Diane! The quilt on the left with the black polka dots looks very interesting! whichever quilt you choose, I am sure you will do an amazing usual!!

  8. Love your choices for hand quilting. No wonder it is so hard to decide!
    I kinda think kids would be better off it they didn't get so much of our attention.
    You bowties remind me of my spools. It's been a while since I touched them. Lots of hand quilting takes away hand piecing time. Maybe when the weather changes I'll switch back to hand piecing. Isn't that the way our foremothers did it? piecing in the summer, quilting in the winter.

  9. Your queue of quilts all look so beautiful,no matter which one you pick you cant possibly go wrong.

    Good luck finding the best price on that walking foot.


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