Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Making Time For Prep Work

I know I'm jumping around from project to project, but that's the way I do things.  Working on the handles to my baskets really, really made me want to dive back into Scrap Attack #2 with the red and blue improv. blocks.  I've had several ideas for the border floating around in my mind and I just can't resist any longer!
New border on Scrap Attack #2
I had found this pretty taupe, gray fabric in the bargain bin a couple months ago.  It was for another project actually (hopefully they'll still be enough left for that!), but when I put it up against my red, blues and grays, it makes things go all glowy.  I know, you can't see that with my lousy pictures.  You'll just have to trust me on this.*wink
Honestly, the color is GOOD! I wouldn't lie to you.:)
I mitered the corners of the border because I want to put a funky, swirly shape on the corners and I don't want piecing to get in the way of the look.  Then I think I'll put a slightly primitive swag type design along the border in between the end pieces--all of this in black fabric.  We'll see.  I'm still playing with it and cutting out my shapes free hand as I think things through.  If you've never tried this kind of applique work before, you really should.  It's a totally different process than tracing and copying someone else's design.
Prep work makes all the difference.
My applique block is coming along too.  I need to readjust one of the leaves, but I'm ready to start sewing the leaves and berries on whenever I get a spare moment and I'm in the mood.
Bow-Ties forever project
It really does make a huge difference to me if I have things prepped and ready to go.  I get SO MUCH more accomplished even if it's just one block at a time.  Yesterday I remembered to take my applique bag with me when my husband and I went on a material run and guess what?  I finished an entire bow-tie block while waiting in the car at the lumber yard and then at the bank.  Woot, woot!  Maybe this forever project won't take three years like the last one! lol


  1. Your border looks like lollipops. And the basket with flowers is one I like a lot! So prim looking.

  2. I know what you mean by jumping from project to project, I am pretty much the same. But I am always amazed when I read about quilters quilting in a car, I can never do that, always have to sit at a table. Really like your projects and interesting basic color with your bowties!

  3. Love what you are doing here. Yes, I need to take the plunge into free style applique. It does look fun and I can tell just from what you've shown that this will be a special quilt. I work on more than one project at a time, too, just picking up what ever I'm in the mood for.

  4. I love your projects! When we bounce around to different quilts it keeps us from getting bored:)

  5. Trabajas en muchos proyectos ala vez, pero son todos muy bonitos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yes, prep work is really important. Not always what I want to do, but it sure makes a difference. What, jumping from project to project isn't the way you're supposed to do it? I always have multiple projects going. That way one of them will fit my mood. Maybe why I don't finish many though. Hmmm...

    I think your border will look great. An interesting color, but I can that it's working with the rest of the quilt. I like this one! And your basket block is cute too. I like that prim look. The bow ties are looking good.

    When you said "material run", I thought you meant fabric! LOL

  7. Hi Audrey,
    Just had to write and tell you that your blog really resonates with me! I'm looking forward to reading more.


  8. love that cute basket of flowers.


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