Sunday, January 13, 2013

In the Hoop

When I was digging through all my completed quilt tops the other day, I pulled out this Kaleidoscope quilt.  I made it almost ten years ago in tribute to my grandmother.  She was a wonderful person and I loved her dearly.  After she died, my mother gathered up all of the scraps and pieces of her fabric together for my sisters and I to use in our quilting endeavors or however else we chose to use them.
G'ma's Kaleidoscope Quilt
The scraps were dumped out on the table and we picked one fabric each until all the of the fabric was gone.  After I had the opportunity to consider what there was to work with, I decided to make a kaleidoscope quilt out of templates.  I figured it was a good way to be efficient with all the little bits and pieces I ended up with!  Anyway, the quilt pattern was a little above my pay grade and the piecing did not go well at all.  I basically threw the quilt top in the back of my closet in extreme disappointment and decided to have it machine quilted someday whenever I got around to it.  Maybe even the fifth of never.  lol
Kaleidoscope Quilt close up
Up until the other day, I had never once seriously considered hand quilting it.  The white fabric is one that I added to go with the scraps and it just so happens to be one of those painted on type of fabrics or whatever they're called--very difficult fabrics to hand quilt.  Am I crazy?  My grandmother hand quilted every single quilt she ever made in her life and I think she'd be proud of me for the effort.  The kaleidoscope is a quilt that has been neglected for much too long and now it's finally in the hoop where it should have been years ago.
Full pic of Antique Medallion
Sorry for the blurry picture of the Antique Medallion.  Someone asked to see this entire quilt in a photo after all of the quilting was completed.  Best I can do for now!

Once again I'm linking up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching and 'filling up the well' with some quality time spent on hand quilting today.


  1. What a nice way to divvy up the scraps from your Grandma! And you made a wonderful memory Kaleidoscope! So great that you are hand quilting it now!
    Congrats on finishing the medallion!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  2. Beautiful kaleidoscope quilt! A lovely tribute to your grandmother. Hand-quilting will top it off so nicely.

  3. glad to hear you will finish the kaleidoscope quilt it sure is a nice one - the white on white fabric can be hard to quilt through at times because of the "paint"? but it can be done!

  4. The antique medallion is lovely. How special the kaleidoscope will be when you are finished hand quilting. I hand quilted through some of the "painted" fabric too. It is a chore but worth it.

  5. Your Kaliedascope quilt is really beautiful. I love the colours you've used. It has such a special story. I really think you should hand quilt it.

  6. How wonderful that your kaleidoscope quilt will always remind you of your Grandmother. Thanks for the photo of your Antique Medallion quilt! It looks stunning.

  7. Your kaleidoscope quilt looks pretty good from here. Good for you for hand quilting it. I have a quilt sitting around waiting for machine quilting that is made with that same type of white fabric and I keep putting off quilting it. You may have inspired me pull it out and start quilting it.

  8. Your kaleidoskope top is beautiful. Love the colours in it. I think your grandma would love that you handquilt it. Have also used that white fabric, and it is a strain on hands to handquilt. Have you decided which pattern to use?


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