Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Blocks For the Random Sampler QAL

Here's the latest blocks for the Random Sampler QAL over at Bloomin' Workshop.  I somehow ended up messing up on one of my Tree of Life blocks, but it all worked out okay in the end.  These are really sweet blocks to make, but I think I only need a couple of them for this particular project.
Tree on the left not quite like I intended it to be....
There was just a little bit left of each of these green fabrics, so I did a little piecing to make the blocks work.  I almost added in a second green fabric for each block, but then decided no, they're scrappy looking enough as it is.  Diane (over at Butterfly Threads Quilting) added a little bird to her tree block and I confess, I had to copy the idea!  It's an old fashioned look that totally gets me every single time--melts my heart through and through.
Ahhh, now it's looking better.
Then, because I was thinking about the end result, I decided to make a couple more basket blocks.  The original basket blocks we made are 8".  I'm thinking that having a couple different sizes will play very nicely with the whole 'Random Sampler' look we're aiming for, so I also made four 6" baskets and two 4" baskets.  These baskets are rather plain, but that's okay by me.  Not every block needs to be a star!
Extra baskets for the QAL.
There was a little trouble with the basket handles on the 4" baskets even though they were definitely cut out on the bias.  I probably should have made them just a smidge more narrow.   Live and learn.  And since I'm trying to cram as many links into this post as I possibly can, I think I better go ahead and link up to Slow Sunday Stitching over at Kathy's Quilts too.  Don't you think the basket handles count as hand work?


  1. I love you tree blocks. They are on my bucket list. I need to perfect my piecing a big more before I attempt them, however. Yours look so perfect!

  2. Basket handles are hand work!! Terrific blocks!!

  3. Wonderful Tree Of Life blocks!! What a sweet idea to put a bird in the tree. I love your baskets too, the different sizes will work well together.

  4. Basket handles absolutely "count" as hand cute! I love the tree blocks too!


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