Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My First 'Forever Project' Quilt Top

It's official!  My Worry Baskets (otherwise known as the Trick or Treat Quilt by Blackbird Designs) are all safely sewn into a completed quilt top!  I finished up last night, but the lighting was so terrible in the house that I tried again today with mixed results--totally what you'd expect on such a rainy, dreary day.  Oh well, I'm way too excited to wait for better pictures 'cuz this feels like such a major accomplishment!
Worry Basket quilt top is finished!
Honestly, I am still in a state of shock and awe.  After three years of intermittent hand work, my first ever 'forever project' is a completed quilt top!  Slow and steady does indeed win the race on occasion.  So unbelievably crazy.
Too busy?
My husband thinks this quilt is a little too busy.  I am more concerned with some dubious fabric choices.  Three years down the road from the starting point means I can get a good feel for what I would do different if I ever made this quilt again (NOT happening in this life time!).  But you know how the thought process works in all things quilty.  Could've, should've, would've....  I love it anyway.  All of it.  After I get through hand quilting it some day (later on down the road), I'm gonna put it on my bed and keep it there forever.*wink
Lots of different fabrics used.
This past weekend was jam packed with friends and family, laughing, catching up, and some re-connecting.  All of the family that lives here in town had houses full of company for the entire weekend.  Good times!  And I couldn't find one single person that I thought would be the least bit interested to take a minute and come check out my latest quilty accomplishments.  Wahhhh......  My passion is soooo boring.
Just can't bear to put it away with the other completed
quilt tops yet!
Now I know how my mom feels when she goes on and on (and on) about her genealogy stuff and we display nothing but polite interest!  Thank goodness for this quilt blog, where I'm free to admit complete and utter absorption with little bits of fabric coming together into (what I think is) a much better whole.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post a picture of the quilt top that was used in the wedding decorations soon.  It was absolutely beautiful, if I do say so myself.:)


  1. First off..Your quilt is STUNNING!! It leaves me speechless!! Beautiful job and the colours are wonderful!! It is not too busy at all!!
    I had to laugh at how no one takes an interest in your quilts! I get the same reaction from my daughters...they glaze over and then snap out of it when I have finished talking! if what I had to say was boring...and we KNOW that THAT'S not true!! :o)))
    Take care!

  2. I love the quilt - very old fashioned looking.
    I'm afraid no one in my family really understands the fabric obsession of quilting. My girls could really care less although they love the quilts they get as presents - they just don't like to quilt.

  3. Oh your quilt top is totally worth every minute you spent on it! I think it's amazing and please do prattle on about it as much as you want to right here...we DO understand. I also have a family full of polite smilers while I go on and on and on about quilting. Are we lucky we found people who get it through the internet?
    I'm going to dream about those baskets tonight!

  4. Beautiful quilt and I think the color choices are great. Enjoy your passion for quilts!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. This top is absolutly gorgeous. Love your choice of colours.

  6. You should be so pleased that you have completed your basket quilt top. It really is such an achievement. I think it looks wonderful displayed over the handrail, and I wouldn't want to put it away either.
    The reason I joined a quilt group was because no one in my family or friends were interested in quilting, best thing I could have done, as I meet a woman that lives nearby and we have become great friends.

  7. I am in awe of your finish. Do please share what you would have done differently for those of us still plodding along on this one. I am in the same basket (pun intended) as you when it comes to polite interest and glazed faces from family and friends!

  8. Aha, here it is! I love the colours, and I see you did the applique border too. I've been thinking about some postage stamp setting triangles instead. But that's a long way off!

    It is a "forever" project, isn't it? But, I'm very inspired! Beautiful job. I'll be interested to see your quilting plan. I haven't even considered that at all yet!


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