Sunday, October 14, 2012

Creative Distractions

Sometimes I just plain forget how much 'work' some quilts require.  I am totally cracking myself up with my complete and total inability to focus of this quilt at this particular phase.  After I get one (yes, that would be ONE) row sewn together, I'm immediately looking around for something else to do for awhile.
A couple rows sewn & the mending
So far I'm catching up on my mending pile with unprecedented speed.  So silly.  Apparently I'd rather put new buttons on an old favorite of a sweater than push through and finish a great quilt top.
My new Levi skirt that would have fit 2 yrs. ago
I even attacked a couple pairs of old Levi's and made myself a long denim skirt, something I've wanted to attempt for years now.  Up-cycling is so cool now.  The only problem is, I've uh, gained a bit of weight since these jeans have been put to good use.  So much for that distraction! lol


  1. Mending is something I do not like to do. And shortening pants is another. I am short so I have to do that with every pair of pants I purchase.

  2. One row at a time will get it done! And finished is finished...whether it fits or not! You had me laughing because it is so exactly like something I would do. The rows are gorgeous, btw.

  3. Well, they say slow and steady wins the race. And maybe tackling a bit at a time is the way to keep your attention on the job at hand and then there is less chance of mistakes happening.
    I hate it when you are zooming along on the machine, then have a close look only to find that the blocks are around the wrong way....such a waste of time & energy!

  4. PS. also meant to say your rows are looking great.
    And have you seen the photos of the exhibition at 'Quilts in the Barn'? I went and drooled over the many beautiful quilts, and of course now I want to make a traditional red & white quilt!


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