Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Basket Project

I have two basket blocks sewn together and a very rough cut basket handle I'm still in the process of evaluating. I'm not sure this quilt is going to have picture perfect seams, grain-lines etc. so this decision will be key to emphasizing the 'not perfect' thing going on.  I may even make each basket handle different.
Blocks for the Vertical Basket Quilt
I've had the base blocks cut out for over a month, but didn't want to start in on the sewing until I cleared away a couple other UFQ's.  My applique projects are stacking up so high, I just couldn't resist some sewing machine time.  Vroom, vroom.*wink
Trying to get the pieces organized...
This Monkey Wrench quilt is really, really getting to me.  I have enjoyed the time I spend on it tremendously and I'm not quite sure why.  No pressures?  No expectations?  Great fall colors?  Probably just the timing of starting in on it.  Sometimes a quilt top perfectly fits the current mood.  In fact, my husband teases me about how dark some of the last quilts I've worked on are.  Are they representative of my mood?  Hmmm.....  Life is definitely full of lots of changes and challenges lately.
Monkey Wrench in progress
I dug out my go-to hand quilting book 'Quilting With Style:  Principles For Great Pattern Design' by Gwen Marston and Joe Cunningham.  They make this border cable idea sound so well, 'do-able' that I'm almost embarrassed at how nervy I am to try drawing my own.  The point is, what am I going to lose?  If I get it right and figure it all out on my own, I'll feel very accomplished and resourceful.  If not, I can always order a stencil and then (carefully and discretely) bemoan my lack of smarts and intellect to those who would care....
Really?  It's that easy?


  1. emphasizing the 'not perfect' ..I love that!!
    my new philosophy is that imperfection adds to a does not take away!
    and I love your dark colors!!

  2. That darn math anyway - you'll do great planning out that cable!
    Love seeing your hand quilting progress.

  3. Wow, I love baskets, want to make also a basket quilt, in the future...after the UFO,s....

  4. I love basket quilts too.
    I have that book too its a go to book for me .
    the quilt is beautiful I think we all go thru phases of colors we use in quilts...
    maybe you need to make a little quilt or baby quilt in birghts !

  5. I've made my own cable stencil using that book. You can do it!!
    Love the baskets you hav started. Cant wait to see where you go with them.

  6. Those basket blocks are great and the monkey wrench blocks too. i love blocks with a darker color, I find it so cozy but maybe it is because I'm a autumn girl.


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