Sunday, August 5, 2012

You Just Never Know

The little Bow Ties table runner has been sandwiched and pinned.  My next hand quilting project is in the hoop and wowsers, does it look small after everything else I've been working on this last year!  No pressure though!  I can take two months to finish this one up if I like. lol
Little Bow Ties table runner
I pulled out all of my 'completed' quilt tops yesterday and made a list of which ones needed quilt backings and what color thread I need to buy.  The list was long.  I do like to be prepared.
Blah, blah, blah without the corner flowers....
This particular quilt top caught my eye.  I have tried numerous times throughout the last year or so to 'fix' the corner area where the cream applique triangles come to a point next to the last dark brown border.  I almost ripped every border off up to the center applique at one time just because I couldn't quite get the feeling that this quilt top was successful 'as is'.  Anyway, once again, I pulled it out for a look and decided once again that yep! Those corners there were pitiful and needed work.  You know how it is when a quilt top is unhappy.
WITH the corner flowers added!
I dug through my scrap bin, cut some funky flowers and laid them on the quilt.  Yuck.  Not in this lifetime, etc.  Then, I saw a piece of fabric on top of my cutting mat that was set aside for a current project.  Hmmmm, maybe...  So I whacked a piece off of that and cut a very simple flower out, grabbed a scrap of brown out of the scrap bin and laid it out on the quilt.  Eureka!  It worked!!!!
I think I may (finally) be happy with it!
Okay, a little over the top there, but the thing is, I have tried so many different things without success.  You'd understand if you had been dealing with this quilt.  Five hundred million hours in applique work and the border decides to be uncooperative.  Not cool.

I'm linking up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching once again where you get to see everyone's projects over and over again.  That's the point.  We haven't given up on them and progress IS being made.*wink


  1. Exactly! We want to enjoy our quilting, and we want to get it right! Congrats on hanging in there with this one until it was happy! One step closer to done! Thanks for linking up!

  2. It sounds like it was just waiting for that fabric to pop up on your cutting table! Great job working it until the quilt was happy. Beautiful job on the applique.

  3. I have been through the same type of thing. I think many quilters have. In the end it turned out in a way that you are happy with!


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