Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Push On?

You know how you find a picture of a quilt that makes you absolutely drool at the very sight?  The one that settles into the very cells of your being and you have no choice left except to try and recreate it?
Cutting off the jagged edges....
Yeah.  I'm working on that very quilt right now.  I'm about halfway through and it just occurred to me today that I may have made one or two (unimportant little teeny, tiny) changes that might (maybe sorta?) change the very thing that spoke to me in the first place.*sigh

The blocks are trimmed now and awaiting departure of the state of frozen panic I currently find myself in.  Push on or pull back?  That is the question for the day.....


  1. Audrey what pattern are those lovely baskets from I love the fabrics you are using I am sure once the big picture is there you will not be disappointed.. Love the size of those baskets....I`m thinking...thinking...I think you will have me hooked

  2. Push on!...it will be even better than you thought it could be when it comes together

  3. Oh my, that is not a fun realization to have! I've done that too. So, stop and analyze what it was about the quilt that you saw that you loved, and what can you do to make this project more like that one? A different color of sashing, maybe? Whatever, but I agree with Tim - push on!

    I think your baskets are beautiful! And, what a lot of them there are! So, keep going. You will love it when you get it done. And if not, you can just send it to me! hee hee!


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