Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hand Quilting the Little Bow Ties

Only two hand quilting sessions with this little quilt and I'm already over half way done!  It's so nice that it's a small project and doesn't make me all hot and sweaty while I'm quilting.  Already enough of that going on around here lately without piling on the quilts!
Little Bow Ties table runner
Unfortunately, I chose a dark brown thread that is almost impossible to see unless the light is just perfect.  Methinks that by the time I got to that particular step, I had already moved on to the next quilt in my mind at least!

I plan to get my QIP's all organized this week and make a big list.  School will be starting again pretty soon for the kids and the pace of our everyday life will change once again.  We're kind of in a lull right now for a very brief moment of time.  My oldest daughter is visiting her cousins in Oregon for the next week and a half and our oldest son has been out in Colorado for the last couple weeks working for yet another cousin.  He plans to come home for just less than a week and then get packed up for his big move to Oklahoma.  I am quilting, quilting, quilting while thinking, thinking, thinking.  So many changes.  Originally I had planned to make him a quilt for college, but then I decided to wait until he actually gets a bit homesick.  If he even does!

I'm linking up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching once again.  It's  been nice to go check out other quilters slow stitching projects and see what they've been working on this summer too.


  1. Your little bow ties are so cute! I love the way this project looks! I'm glad you're having fun with your new book and charm squares. A small project is always fun to do - and lots cooler to quilt in the summer!

  2. Your little bow ties are wonderful! What size are they? I am beginning to think I just might need to make some bow ties myself.

  3. Great to see your progress on the bow's the perfect sized project for the summer.
    Thanks for linking up Audrey!

  4. Yes it seems that at the moment there is a reprieve before the busy season starts again.
    I love that bow tie mini! it is just stunning! perfect fabrics for this pattern and you are right it is great the way the weather is to just quilt up one of these little darlings. Enjoy your lull while you can.
    I am sure your son will get homesick ;-)


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