Friday, June 15, 2012

A Marathon Day

Somebody once told me that I was stubborn.  Believe it.  I blithely cut out and started sewing the first Texas Twister block thinking 'I can do this!' because you know, I'd made this block once before five or six years ago.  Apparently I was a better seamstress a few days ago too....
1st one's a big fat FAIL.
It ended up in the trash where it belonged and I almost bagged the whole idea right then and there.  Who needs fancy schmancy cornerstone blocks anyway?
Test block looks like it may be do-able.  Maybe.
 After a very stern nice little talk with myself, I decided that I was better than that.  I could rise above and at least give it a decent effort before I just gave up.  I decided to at least try a test block and maybe try some simple remedies like making sure my 1/4" seam was really 1/4".   Who knew?  My machine was set for a sloppy scant 1/4".  Good enough.  I've never tried to push myself off as a precision seamstress.  Never ever.  The test block wasn't great, but it was just good enough to goad me into going for the big four.  Okay.  Good place to break for the night and press on the next day with a clear mind.
Love these centers.  They would make perfect flowers!
Honestly, it was a marathon day.  I'm out of practice.  I am not used to pointy things that have to match up just so.  And I had to use a crazy amount of pins and sweat a lot.
Can you believe this mistake?  Seriously?
The sun must have been in my eyes.
Then this block happened.  And I couldn't fudge anything because it totally messed up the other block and made things look really bad.  Again, I almost gave up.  These are not even my favorite colors to work with!
Okay, definitely not perfect, but they'll pass the
galloping pony test and that's good enough for me.
 I took another break to make dinner because the natives were getting restless and I just needed to get some air, flex my fingers and stretch my back.  How do people make this look so easy?
Coping strips added on.  Now I will have
floating cornerstone blocks.  Good job me.
In the end, I had four blocks that looked kinda like the picture in Judy Martin's quilt book.  They're a little poofy in the middle and I have a least one pucker that won't go away.  My spinny little circle in the middle isn't super great--not by a long shot and the points don't match up like they should.  Did I already say that?  THE POINTS DON'T MATCH UP!  Oh yeah, and I cut the tips off of a few stars.  Seriously, it was an agonizing day.*wink  You should try it sometime.


  1. That is an awesome block and I think they looks fantastic!!

  2. I love these blocks! I think you're being a little too hard on yourself, they look great! And good for you for throwing away something that wasn't working and never would...isn't it liberating to free yourself from something like that every once in a while?

  3. Consider them prim style where cut off points don't make any difference. I don't see anything wrong with the blocks.

  4. Oh, I commiserate with you! I've been there/done that also! But the end result is just lovely.

    And about those clipped points? Nahhhh .. they're just shy. They are hiding in the seam allowance. :-)

  5. I'm glad I wasn't the only one this week, unpicking.

  6. they were worth the effort! they look great and I am glad you stuck with it!

  7. Well, good for you for sticking with it! I think your blocks look super. That looks like a tricksy block to do, and I see nothing wrong with your piecing! Sometimes stubborn is a Good Thing. :)


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