Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy Weekend

Vintage Fair was an interesting experience for us this past weekend.  We were screaming busy for two whole days!  The first day was filled up with loading up our goodies and setting up our booth.  The next day involved selling (lots of smiling) and then of course, taking down the booth and hauling stuff home.  Whew!  Lots of work.  The only quilty thing done around here was a little bit of applique on this 'Imagine a Quilt' project.  I had plans to hand quilt in the evenings and there was definitely time if I hadn't been so exhausted.
Can flowers bloom in just plain dirt?
I know the letters are hard to see, but the caption explains what two sides of the quilt will say after I finish the applique.  Then I need to sew on a few flowers and this quilt top will truly be done.  Promise.  No going after it ever again with needle and thread.*wink
One small section of our Vintage Fair booth.
Our booth managed to look amazingly good with all of our creative minds at work.  Thanks to my dad for his wonderful help with the screw gun, hammer and nails!  I caved and brought up a couple of my older quilts and put big prices on them (you know, so I wouldn't cry if they sold).  In fact, one lady checked out the price of one particular quilt and practically RAN away from our booth.   So funny and yet, so sad.  Anyway, no pictures of them because they all turned out fuzzy, but the good news!  I actually sold a quilt!!  It was one that I finished back in 2005, so I'm thinking the bulk of the work on it was done between 2003 and 2004.  It was a sampler type quilt done in reproduction 30's prints, batiks, and very cute florals with lots of applique work, especially on the border.  Beautiful quilt to me and the lady was obviously in love with it too.  It was bittersweet to see it go, but like I told my daughters, we can't keep them all.
Something I couldn't resist....
Then of course, I had money to spend at a place where there was much temptation.  I kept my head down pretty good until I happened to see this hexy quilt.  Um, yeah.  How was I supposed to resist this?  Although it's all hand done, it's probably a fake--it was just too cheap.   Nevertheless, I absolutely adore it, it was a super good price, I've always wanted a hexy quilt and I don't want to make one.  Ever.  After the weekend was over, I had made enough to be able to come home and take my youngest daughter shopping for her 8th grade promotion dress, shrug and shoes plus give my oldest daughter the down payment for her drivers ed. class.  Oh yeah, and I think I have enough left to buy that new Gwen Marston book I've been drooling over!  A profitable weekend overall and I'm still kind of in shock that someone wanted to PAY me for one of my quilts.....

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