Monday, November 7, 2011

Starting Off the Day With Teenager Crime

This is what I found this morning when I got out of bed for the second time.  The first time I get up in the morning, it's to get my two youngest children up and around, on the school bus and off to school for the day.  Then I go back to bed and try to get some more sleep, leaving my two oldest to fend for themselves.  My oldest son drives himself and his sister to school with the knowledge that if he's tardy or I get a call about truancy, he's toasted oats with his driving privileges.  So far so good.  They're learning responsibility and I'm getting a little more sleep.
They usually leave evidence of the crime, these teenagers....
So, this afternoon I venture into my quilting area in a grumbly mood.  I know that pretty much everything I can work on today needs a decision and sometimes I'm just not very prepared to do that.  But then, I rarely am.:)  I had come up with this idea awhile back and even picked up a couple pieces of fabric at the quilt store to play with.  My husband scoffs, but Daylight Savings is both my least favorite and most favorite days of the year, so it's always very present in my mind when one of those days gets close.  I LOVE the extra hour of sleep in the fall and absolutely detest losing that hour in the spring. (Just my nature I guess 'cuz I'm not a morning person even on a good day.)  I dug through my funky letters, cut out the letters I didn't have, and placed them on my mock-up borders.  I like.  A lot.  And absolutely no Mary Lou Weidman influence at all.*smirk  Anyway, something unexpected happened when I laid the white paper letters on my quilt, and now it seems I'll be sewing on white letters instead of the bright blue I expected.  It just looks right and who am I to argue with a quilt?
I stole the bird idea from a little girls shirt at church yesterday.:)
I'm not a white-white fan, but surely this is stark enough?
Okay, blue on top, white on bottom.  I don't wanna give up my blue.
This business of showing people my work-in-progress is interesting to me because I'm starting to see things in pictures too, which gives me a very different perspective, but it's kind of painful.  gaahh!!  My quilting room/area/space is actually just a very small sectioned off area of my boy's very large bedroom.  For the most part I'm not all that tidy in my quilt room.*blush  I careen from quilt to quilt with no apparent rational thought.  (I said apparent because it makes sense in my brain.)  And my skin literally prickles when I think of showing something I know is not obviously a great idea.  What if it's a big fat bomb?  Everyone will know......*wink

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