Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Celebrating a Couple Finished Quilt Tops

Finished quilt tops.  They look better like this and I love the saying on the pillow behind.:)

The detail is good.  I probably should have stopped before the last border though.

 I wanted something very 'unplanned' and rustic.  I definitely got it.
 These colors still amaze me.  So rich and fun.

I'm a border freak.  Everything I do seems to turn into an experience of 'how many borders can I add on to this quilt before it starts complaining?  Mostly I do it because I want to use my quilts on the various beds in our household.  I know I've mentioned it before, but I come from a large family--like 10 siblings?  Then my husband (who only has 1 sister) has like, a million cousins and assorted aunts and uncles too (you didn't think I escaped the aunts, uncles and cousins did you?).  We're fairly close except when it comes to politics and having company is a pretty regular thing that happens around here.  Soooo, this has become a game of mine.  Put a quilt on a bed and see if anybody comments.  You'd be surprised who doesn't appreciate a good home made quilt.


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