Friday, August 5, 2011

A Year of Quilty Blogging

I have had my quilt blog for just over a year now. Does that mean I can finally quit with the hand written journals already? I love, love, love the fact that, if I remember, I now have pictures that visually record the various stages of my quilting journey. Also, in a happy coincidence, instead of writing about each quilt at the point of completion only, many of my ideas, inspirations, motivations, learning curves (and false starts too) are recorded throughout the life of each quilt, which sometimes take me a year or two (or three!) from start to finish. There are things I'd like to do better with (get rid of the run on sentences maybe? ), pictures I wish I'd have taken (more please), and the unbidden Blogger guilt to deal with. I hereby, solemnly profess to take up the 'Blogging Without Obligation' motto because I don't want to feel any pressure whatsoever with my on-line quilty journal. Trying too hard has almost made me quit more than once in previous months. That and the occasional comment. I'll just say it straight out. I love and adore comments, but they seriously freak me out. My blog is public because I am an unashamed quilt blog lurker and I want to extend the same courtesy to my fellow 'everyday' quilters; however, when I have proof positive that somebody has checked MY blog out? I freak, plain and simple. It's completely unnerving to lay out my good and (sometimes exuberantly) bad quilty process/product out in front of everyone in Bloggee land to judge! Okay, I know, I KNOW most people aren't really judging. They, like me, are mostly cruising around to find someone that 'speaks' the same language, makes the same sort of quilting decisions, and has some form of the same quilty compulsive, obsessive disorder that seems to affect me--validation that WE are the normal ones and the ones supremely uninterested in quilty stuff are the weirdos. Do not scoff at this comfort!*wink So I will continue to open up my blog to the strangers, the lurkers, to the learner bees, the perfectionists, the wonkiness quilters, the quilt-by-the-rules traditionalists, and all the other myriads of everyday quilters that put themselves out there all year long to provide inspiration to the masses and expect nothing in return. Bring on the next year of blogging! And please! Don't be afraid to comment. I will overcome.:)

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