Friday, August 12, 2011

Playing With Fabric

We had a Pieceable Souls meeting the other night and spent virtually the entire meeting playing with fabric, ours and each others. This has been a very different and somewhat difficult project for us. This next project is a mystery quilt with the focus on fabric textures and temperatures. It's amazing how liberating it is to pick fabric out without knowing in advance the pattern and YET how frustrating it can be at the same time. What is so interesting though, is that no matter what the guidelines are, we each instinctively pick fabrics that fall within our comfort zone and reflect back our personalities. Maybe we stretch things a little as requested, but the final results tell the truth and our stacks of fabric might as well have had our name on them! Here's hoping that by helping each other pick and choose our final fabrics, we also giving our final selections more depth and clarity. The little bit of fabric sharing we engaged in should have helped too. I think. I hope.:)

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