Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Irresistible Fabric

The fabric I couldn't pass up. Even though it's gray. Did you notice? The color is GRAY. (Still scratching my head over why I was swooning over it.)
I tried to add texture in an attempt to blunt the uncharacteristic color choice of the main fabric.
Then I went crazy and got bolder. I have a feeling this particular stack of fabric is going to be bonding for awhile before I figure out the magic formula that makes it all work properly.
The quilt I was working on before I went flying out the door last Wednesday for Oregon. It was the first time I've been to see my sisters down there in months so I was all revved up for it and more than ready to ditch the border work on this grumpy quilt.
My traveling quilting partners. Obviously I was more interested in flapping my jaw than working my needle. I saw these blocks made up into the quilt they were intended to be displayed in, all 192 or so, (on a quilt blog) and the woman didn't even cheat on the border applique blocks.:o I feel very small now and inadequate after viewing that finished quilt, but I still intend to persevere and someday bequeath this quilt to a grandchild perhaps. It could happen.

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