Monday, May 2, 2011

Lots of Productivity in a Very Random Way

Lots of progress this weekend in a random, restless sort of way. I got my trees appliqued on my quilt top with an extra branch for an owl perhaps? I know they are terribly trendy right now, but they make me smile. I just about settled on red leaves for my trees which is very folky I think. I admit to totally stealing this idea from an ad somewhere and remaking it to fit my quilt (not for sale or anything, just for my personal pleasure). I wanted SO BADLY to go buy fabric this weekend. It was a itchy craving that would not go away. It's been several months since I had the privilege of buying fabric and I just keep telling myself that I'm happy to still have a house to live in and a car to drive--fabric is not that important in the scheme of things. lol! I'll keep telling myself until I believe it, okay? I did get my binding sewn on the log cabin quilt, so that is done. I've wanted to make a log cabin quilt for over 10 yrs. Crazy. My sister and I were walking around a quilt show a couple years ago and were consistently drawn to the simple, but subtly complex quilts. And what was stopping us from making them but our own inner critique of thinking we ought to make more difficult patterns. huh. Like that was more worthy or something.:) This Log cabin pattern is based on a quilt in the 'Quilter's Color Workshop' book by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. The biggest lesson I learned from this was "Not to Paint out all the White". I adore the faint tones of yesteryear with the mix of floral, darks and scrappy prints. And last but not least, I started in on my Series #4 quilt from our Pieceable Souls challenge we've been working on since last year. I'll post about that another time. I just wanted a picture on my blog as PROOF of my productivity.*smirk


  1. l love your version of a log cabin. l made a quilt for my DS's 21st several years ago, and this reminded me of it. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Log cabin quilts are the greatest.


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