Monday, December 13, 2010

My Quilt Room

Have you ever read about Jane Sassaman and how she quilted at her dining room table I think it was? I think about that sometimes and it just amazes me. How many kids does she have and how big was her house? My quilt room is hiding out in the corner of my boys' room (mostly because it's a really, really big bedroom and the light is incredible in front of the french doors to the deck--MY SPOT). My husband dragged some cabinets home from a demo one day and proudly brought them into the house. I admit I was dubious at first. I'm not a big one for change, but they have been so cool to have. I have storage, a cutting table, drawers for the little junk and they are not nailed to anything, so when we have moved, I've been able to haul them with me and arrange them as I liked. Voila! Instant quilt room. Anyway, that's where I hang out sometimes just to have some peace and quiet, although there isn't a dividing wall or anything so sometimes the X-box and teenagey music drives me far, far away instead. I try to respect my kids privacy and do most of my quilting during the day, but every now and then our time to relax kind of collides. That's why I try to always have hand quilting and/or hand applique ready to work on--so I can gracefully leave their "space". I don't want to ever wish their youth away. Besides, there's always some tedious hand work I'm putting off once again.*wink

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