Friday, April 13, 2018

It's Never Quite As 'Quick and Easy' As It Seems

Sometimes we have quilt projects that just need time to simmer. Dozens of potentially good ideas spin around in our brains for precisely how to move forward. And tho at times it feels really complicated, the minute it all 'clicks' into place, then we feel so relieved that we gave it time and space to get things right. In the meantime, there are generally lots of other projects that can more than fill up our creative time.
Adding a simple round of borders for Tidbits quilt
It's really is good to have numerous quilt projects on the go, all in different phases of completion. I like how it somehow works to keep the mind engaged and subconsciously focused on the 'in flux' quilts--those balky phases sandwiched in between moments of almost effortless momentum. This impulsive start {from the throw-away bits of another project} hasn't ever felt especially demanding or persnickety. No grandiose design ideas that may or may not pan out. Mostly, it felt that the quilt was just wanting to BE. And so...., me being me, I decided to make it a scooch larger so as to actually put it into practical use some day in the future.
Cutting and sewing strip units for log cabin type borders....
I love the look of log-cabin type borders, especially when they aren't perfectly matchy-matchy. It seemed like an easy-peasy way to make this quilt larger without an enormous amount of effort expended. After all, this wasn't on any priority list!*sigh   Digging through the stash totes culled two larger lengths of fabric that could be easily be used on opposite sides of the quilt, exactly mirroring each other. The other two sides of the quilt, well... they seemed fairly happy with a hodge-podge of cream, gray, taupe and lighter black prints.
Is it large enough yet?
It felt good to use up some of the odd yellow gray and weird taupe colors that never seem to settle well into any other color palette. I also threw in remnants of two text fabrics that brought a little extra energy to the quilt. It was an eclectic mix of neutrals and oddball colors for sure, but actually felt rather calm and confident once sewn together. There's just something about blending blues and greens with neutrals that makes good sense! And of course, our AHIQ challenge of 'playing with scale' found its way into this surprisingly spunky quilt too. How could I not include those larger 'hills' or buttons or whatever else they're called? I do so adore a touch of whimsy and 'what in the world was that woman thinking' in a quilt!
Yep, it can handle a couple more border rounds!
It definitely took longer than expected to finish stitching all these borders to the centerpiece. I was thinking an evening or two, zippity, zip. Ha! It took four evenings of dedicated time and effort! Lots of auditioning, then measure, measure, measure, cut, pin, pin, pin and then the sewing of course. {The applique work on the extra three pieces don't even count!} And even with all of my very careful measuring, the inside of the quilt {in only one direction} was approximately half an inch narrower than the outsides of the quilt. Oh I am so traumatized! Not!
Always trying to measure twice, cut once!
Another simple quilt top hiding out in the drawers is good stuff. I know this one can be dragged out and finished up lickety split for another niece or nephew wedding, right? The minimal, almost modern look to the quilt should make for an easy, well liked gift.
Tidbits finished up at 82" x 87 1/2" inches!
So there it is, my latest rabbit hole of a project. Gonna have to take a good hard look at all my lists and get serious about those projects that really matter. What do you think. Was Tidbits a worthy distraction?


  1. I love the centre of the quilt with the blue en green. And it is a good feeling to find a use for some fabrics that have been around a while. Warm greetings

  2. I so enjoy reading about your quilting adventures! I am working on a baby quilt with greys and taupes and might just add a splash of color and appliqué.... you are giving me the courage! Thank you for inspiring me!

  3. Very worthy! I love the quirky simplicity and calming color palette. And I love the peek of 365!

  4. Definitely worth it! Another beauty to add to your pile of lovelies...hugs, Julierose

  5. I am almost always off a little bit too I can never figure out how I do that - and most times I give up trying to figure out what did. Love the bits of color in this one

  6. Wow! So worth it! The borders are perfect and this quilt is so calm. I LOVE IT! So the next question is: How do you think you'll quilt it? Got a plan-ish? ☺

  7. You are SO right - it always seems to take longer than we think, but that's where the real payoff happens and you now have another beauty on your hands. Great idea to 'log cabin' it.

  8. I am finding this particular quilting adventure very inspirational! This quilt is so beautiful in its simplicity and soft colors. Even though it is modern, it also reminds me of the utilitarian quilts of the past.

  9. Tidbits was totally a worthy distraction !! such a fun modern quilt and I really love the background of the the applique too!

  10. Absolutely, a very worthy distraction. Hahaha. The border application was perfect with the neutral colors and simple design. It does have a great modern style. Well done.

  11. That 1/2" would have been at least 1" in MY world. LOL! What a great quilt!

  12. Well worth the detour! Love the giant log cabin borders and those three big hills too.

  13. I like it a lot! And the gray borders look great and make it a good size, it'a a win- win.

  14. Well I love it - well worth the effort!

  15. Wow! So worth it! The borders are perfect and this quilt is so calm. I LOVE IT! So the next question is: How do you think you'll quilt it? Got a plan-ish?


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