Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Applique and More Applique

There's been a little bit of progress on my 17ufosin2017. Mainly I was focused on getting this particular border finished up and sewn onto my Peachy Cameo quilt. Originally I was going to just have the simpler border work shown in the first panel on top. Bleh! Too boring. So I played around with some ideas and came up with the idea to add on the blue flowers.
Border work on Peachy Cameo Medallion
I was worried about too many 'circle' shapes and how that would look. Yes, no? and then in the end decided the quilt needed that bit of orangey-coral to connect back into the centerpiece. I'm all about creating movement and energy in a quilt and one of the easiest ways to do this is by strategically using color!

This plain peach background fabric has been really different to work with. Not sure I LOVE it, but overall, it's been a very different and a fun, albeit challenging, change-up. Looking at the quilt with these borders all sewn on, now I'm wishing I would have extended the long 'vines' down into the bottom border. Oh well. Hindsight is most always 20/20. At this point I'm trying to decide if I should pursue the next, but last border that was roughed out in the basic plan, or leave it 'as is'. Also, I'm contemplating taking the bottom border off and turning it upside down. Hhmmm.... So many decisions.
Another border on Peachy Cameo Medallion
 On another quilt in this challenge, all of the Solids Challenge blocks are finished! Yay! Only nine blocks and they have taken me well over a year and a half! Some quilts are just not in a hurry. And yes, I designed and drew them all out myself. Of course there have been many influences from the lovely applique I have seen and been exposed to for years. That's the beauty and charm of quilting. Trying to make something new but using the genesis of so many beautiful quilts from before!
Blocks for the Solids challenge
If I could point you to a single piece of inspiration for any of these blocks, I would. But honestly, when doing applique like this, it's often just wispy little memories and a basic idea being drawn and then re-drawn onto paper. From there the shapes have to be manipulated into fabric form and many times there's a detour at that point as well.

This is one of those quilts where the original plan is not wanting to play nice and so I'm staring at my blocks and scratching my head. I don't want to make more blocks, that's for sure. Guess I'll have to let these simmer awhile longer until that light bulb goes off. Somehow I have a feeling this isn't a project to force into submission. Might inadvertently lose all the charm....

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  1. how far have you come in your year of 17 finishes? I have lost track. I'm getting started back to applique when I get the binding done on another

  2. I definitely love the addition of the blue/peach flowers to the appliqued borders, and also the possibility of flipping the bottom border. But I also know whatever you decide in the end it will be a great quilt! Love all those snowball blocks too!

  3. I really love what you're doing with the new quilt. Great colors, wonderful whimsy. Yes, definitely, I would turn the bottom border upside down.

  4. The tulips are a great addition to your border and I think a second border would be wonderful. Of course I would. I think if you turned the bottom border you would like the side border lengths better.

  5. Lovely borders--I also like those tulips with the center circles a lot...lovely work hugs, Julierose

  6. Great idea with the borders. I like the tulips and centers. I know you'll eventually come up with a plan. I think I'd flip the bottom border too.

  7. Such great progress! Hope you come up with a solution that makes you happy with the borders. They do look lovely with the peach circles on there.

  8. This looks so fun and cheerful and upbeat...love it! I have not done any sewing since my son moved in and I had to reorganize every thing aside from a wee bit of quilting one day but you are inspiring me to get back to it :)

  9. Love the Peachy Cameo quilt. The applique border sparkles as it says ***Audrey Quilt***.

  10. The applique borders are wonderful. I like seeing the sides different than the top and bottom too. Very cute top!

  11. Looks good, but I totally understand that quilts tell us what they need. Cheers it's a beauty!


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