Saturday, August 26, 2017

Finishing Up

There are at least three different AHIQ projects in the daydream stages. Stacks of fabrics gathered and being fondled and ideas simmering in the background. Alas, time has gotten away from me in these dog days of summer and I count myself fortunate to have even found time for stitching down a binding. 
Improv. & Cherries a finish!
This Improv. & Cherries Or Berries {or whatever they are} was one of my improv. projects from last year. I started with make-fabric units from the scrap bin and then raided the stash totes to find the rest of the sashing and border fabrics.

Washed and drying on the floor....
It was all made in the 'flying by the seat of my pants' approach and it definitely helped to have access to the tiny, little design wall available in my quilting room as well. It ended up being machine quilted in a lazy cross-hatch pattern and then I came back and did some big-stitch hand quilting on the borders. It's very, very difficult for me to have the courage to machine stitch across the top of applique and so hand quilting is often the answer around here. Understand that I do very much appreciate the results! Just that little bit of hand stitching gives the quilt a very soft, approachable look that melts my mushy, quilt-loving heart.
Looking very cheery
It feels like a very cheerful quilt to me with the pops of pink, red and yellow and I love it, odd applique elements and all. In my mind the applique is the icing on the cake, the whimsy that makes it stand out from hundreds of other scrap-bin style quilts.
Quilts are part and parcel of the decor around here...
For now, it's taken up residence in a fabulous new basket gifted to me--a place where it's sure to be well used because of its accessibility {and probably its lack of pretentiousness too}. Everyone knows that the 'hands-off' quilts are hanging on the quilt racks or stacked in the corner shelves. Right?

Linking to AHIQ #24 with Ann and Kaja. Maybe by next months link-up, I'll have a better idea of what my new ah-hoc improv. project will entail!


  1. I love your addition of the cherries/berries and the hand quilting--I have never machined over applique either--somehow it gives me the willies...I know a lot of people get beautiful results...but I am not that good a machine quilter to begin
    Lovely basket--nice and roomy and squishy looking...hugs, Julierose

  2. Love it! Adding your cherryberries border certainly does add another exciting element. And I think combining the hand & machine quilting was a great way to make it special!

  3. love that basket and the quilt that you show is so neat. I have been a little burned out on quilts this week after so much time spent on them the last couple months - I have been taking it nice and slow the last couple weeks in that department and mainly playing with hexies lately for some nice slow stitching time.

  4. I too have added hand quilting to applique areas on an otherwise machine quilted quilt. I love the combination and mix of textures. The quilt police haven't come after me yet, so you should be safe. LOL That cozy corner looks like a great place to curl up and relax.

  5. I love the folk art feel of your applique. And since it's red, I like it even more. What a wonderful corner you have for hand quilting with your large basket. Enjoy these dog days.

  6. Your cherryberry appliques are the perfect counterpoint to the pieced center of this quilt. And, you're right, it's going to be a favorite for snuggling into a comfy chair for a long read, or maybe a bit more applique on your next creation. Like you I'm finding machine and hand quilting to be a winning combination, but hand applique just demands hand quilting.

  7. the applique works so well on the border of this delight. Liking the mix of hand and machine quilting it works so very well

  8. Like I said already, I looove this quilt!! 😍👌👏
    And what a pleasure to see the Happy Flowers quilt on the rack in the corner!
    I finished the top made from your pattern but it still needs to be quilted...
    Have a lovely Sunday!
    Best wishes!

  9. Such a fun cheerful quilt with those berries ! :) Congrats on another great finish! :)

  10. Your design "by the seat of your pants" approach always seems to come up with a delightful whimsical quilt. Great job!

  11. that cherry border is so charming!!

  12. Decor in your little comfy corner is as whimsical as the quilt. What a perfect location for storage. I'm not a machine quilter so all applique gets the hand-quilting treatment around here. It's just the right way - ha!

  13. I think we're all in the same boat with more daydreams and ideas than time to actually stitch them. LIKE that basket a lot!

  14. I so enjoyed looking at the picture of your decor. I love picturing in my mind where my quilty friends do their stitching. I love the ladder of quilts. I think I need a bigger living room!

  15. Cherries & Berries sounds like a great design idea, doesn't it? Congrats on the finish! I wish it would inspire me to bind mine! Maybe next month...

  16. I'm trying to get caught up on my blog reading. You have some wonderful projects going! Love that yellow (in the other post).
    One morning after waking up to a house full of teenage cousins I see one has my antique wedding ring quilt over him on the floor! I had to laugh as there were quilts all over the house and he chose the vintage one to use.


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