Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Simple Blocks

I like working with simple blocks occasionally. What an easy way to get into a comfortable 'zone' and just play with our fabrics. I finally found a use for my one itty piece of Liberty fabric too. And to think I started out quilting years ago thinking I'd never buy fabric that cost more than Walmart prices!
Chain piecing in sets of four...
Oh my. How times have changed! I wondered about the mix of greens in these blocks, but the more they sit on the wall and simmer, the more I really, really like them.
Letting the 9-patches simmer for awhile
Hmm.. I wonder if nature might be playing a part in my color selection? This is a picture of the hill directly behind our house. It's covered with weeds and grasses this year with huge pink/purpley patches of wildflowers higher up on the hill. They say it will take almost five years for the native sagebrush to come back anywhere near as plentiful as it was before. Some people don't like sagebrush, but it helps tremendously to lesson the chances of having severe flash floods. We just need to get some trees growing again this year. The work just never ends!
The view from behind our house
Next up, I'm going to put triangles of pink fabric on the 9-patch blocks so they will be on point. It seems like an awful lot of pink, but since they will be the every-other-blocks for the mini cake stands, I think they will hold up nicely to the pressure!


  1. Love your little 9-patches! That pink is perfect; will be enjoying seeing how this comes together...hugs, Julierose

  2. I just rewatched an episode of Fons and Porter with the quilt Marianne made out of nine patches with the partial seam start so they look like they form circles. Such simple blocks and that setting had me hooked since i first saw the antique quilt I started a post yesterday about the same subject. Didn't get pictures taken so I haven't posted yet!

  3. Great blocks! I love all the different greens of spring. I also love the bit of Liberty fabric you've included here :0) I can't wait to see these blocks with your cake stands!

  4. I always like nine patch blocks - you can do so much with them. is the landscape area you show what was burned in the fire last year? hope you get enough growth to prevent landslides if too much rain!

  5. Nine patches are never wrong!

  6. Love 9-patches! The fabric you use for the centers works great!

  7. Won't those just be so cute with the mini cake stands! Good choice. Pink? Hah...I'll have to have my granddaughter show you some pink (it's everywhere, it's everywhere and hot and some probably glows in the dark!)

  8. I think that Nature IS influencing you in this one, yes! :)

  9. My little quilt for the swap is green. I know I'm influenced by nature because most of what is around me is BROWN!

  10. I've been noticing the trees in California. They seem healthy but looking at the whole tree many are dying from the drought. I saw this in Houston a few years ago. When it finally stormed, lots of trees fell down.
    I hope your sagebrush makes a comeback soon.
    Love your greens!

  11. I can tell already this is going to be another of your amazing quilts - can't wait to see the pink in with the greens........

  12. Nature absolutely inspires my colour choices all the time! Last spring I started that grey and green baskets quilt, then by high summer I wanted nothing to do with it, and then this spring I revised and restarted it again!

    I think these will be really cute with those mini cake stands. Onwards!


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