Thursday, October 9, 2014

Having More Fun Than Should Probably Be Allowed

I am having so much fun hand quilting this particular quilt! All of the thread is #8 Perle Cotton and I am not having any issues at all with the thread like I do with the #5 (thicker) thread. It is sliding easily through the bulk of the quilt which makes for much faster quilting. MUCH faster! I am loving it!
Big Stitch quilting
Also, I finally found the Fons & Porters Big Stitch needles that I having been looking absolutely everywhere for. Would you believe they had them at JoAnnes? I had read about them on a blog somewhere (can't remember where of course) and they referred to them as 'big stitch' needles. Well.... the package actually says Utility Quilting Needles, something I normally just dismiss as not very useful. For some reason {desperation maybe?} I picked up the package and turned it over to read what it says on the back. Guess what it says? 'Recommended for 'big stitch' utility quilting. Use size 8 pearl cotton.'

Aha! I found my needles! And they work like a dream. A little lot on the longish side for complete comfort while quilting, but really big eye for easy threading. I know I'm sold. Go buy them now if you hate threading your Perle Cotton onto a needle like I do. And who cares about long needles when quilting with Perle Cotton. The stitches are supposed to be longer and chunkier anyway!
Scrap Attack #2
I made a super fancy template out of the cardboard that comes in a case of Pepsi. Basically I am using that to mark out the first hill shape that I want to stitch. Then I go back and stitch two more lines inside about 3/4 of an inch just eyeballing the distance, changing up the thread colors for each row. The only thing I'm consistent with is that I'm using red on the inside 'hill' every single time. Did I mention that I'm loving this quilt? lol  It just feels like a quilt that I can play with.
A homemade template
I also finished up the last four flowers of the red and green applique blocks. These are intended to be joined with my Basket Galore BOM blocks. I don't think these last four are quite as interesting as the other sixteen I stitched, but I find that my enthusiasm does flag occasionally depending on what is going on in our busy, busy lives. I'm sure they'll blend in nicely with the others. Or else.*wink
Red and Green applique flower blocks
On a different note, my mom received one parcel on Tuesday and another on Wednesday. Still trickling in! But as it looks like things are slowing down, I went ahead and cut out my brown fabric into nice little fat quarters for those that had the Hi Audrey! slips of paper inserted into envelopes/packages sent to my mom.
Giveaway fat quarters
My return fat quarters went into the mail yesterday so should arrive within a week depending on where you live. I'm guessing it takes awhile for the mail to get to Australia! Anyway, if, after a week or so goes by, you do not receive the expected fat quarter, please email me and let me know! I am keeping a list here at my house with all the pertinent details, but there is no guarantee that we haven't overlooked someone. Thank you again to everyone who has helped make my mom's last couple weeks so much brighter!


  1. I think if that were my quilt I would be smiling with every stitch!

  2. I tried big stitch using #8 for the first time recently on a baby quilt that had a mix of rectangles, squares and strips in different sizes. I played with the quilting by using different shapes but all in neutral perle cotton. It was fun and spoke to my creative side. I tied it all together with a border of flying butterflies. I ran out of thread with four butterflies left. My local Joann store had only black, red, white and neutral. I noticed all the colors you are using. Where did you find them? So happy your mom was able to build her stash quickly. She has a great daughter who thought to ask for help.

  3. Si tu madre ha tenido una sonrisa en estos días
    nos hace felices a todas tus compañeras quilter
    saludos para las dos

  4. Oh I can't imagine using #5 perle. I love using presencia #16 I found it in a shop in Bellevue Wa when visiting my daughter. I love the Fons and Porter utility needles also!

  5. I use DMC perle cotton #8 for hand quilting all the time and love it. The Valdani #8 does not work nearly as well. Thank you for sharing about the needles! I have never tried them, but will look at Joann's for them. Your quilting looks fabulous!

  6. thanks for the tip on the needles I also heard that Pepper Cory has needles just for big stitching too. Great to know they thread easily. You have gotten a lot done. I used #12 perle but none of the other sizes

  7. Love the texture that your creating on your quilt. It's coming alive.

  8. Love the effect of the quilting, it's a really good choice for that quilt. So glad your mum has her new stash.

  9. The quilting is turning out so cute! I'll have to look for those needles.....I really like the look of the big stitch and can't wait to try it out! Love the red and green applique blocks....

  10. No wonder you are having fun...looks awesome! :)

  11. I just finished quilting a wall hanging with size 8 perle cotton. I have another to do but am going to give my hand a rest. It is harder on the hand than regular hand quilting.

  12. Big Needles are one of my favourite things. I struggle to thread tiny size 9 needles (much swearing ensues!)

    Looking forward to seeing your progress on this quilt ( and as for your ultra fancy template - het sister - we do what we gotta do - I once used a plate as a template !)

  13. I've never seen the Fons and Porter brand here in Oz. It's clever to market them for big stitch quilting seeing as it's gaining popularity. I use embroidery or crewel needles in size 8 or 9 for my perle8 quilting, they work fine for me. It''s great to hear you're having a fun quilty time. That's what it's all about!

  14. Okay, I'm getting some of those needles. I have 2 that have big eyes, but would like a package just in case I misplace them. Where do you get your perle cotton? My Joann's store only has black, white and ecru, wish they carried more colors.
    Your quilt is coming alive with all the stitches!

  15. I love that utility big stitch quilting - would love to try it myself some day! I received my FQ in the mail yesterday Audrey - gonna put it right into a scrap quilt I'm making! Thanks so much!

  16. So nice to have a fun quilt to quilt and practice on! I may have to try the big stitch needles.
    I rec'd my FQ, Audrey! Thank you!!

  17. So glad you've found some great needles. And why shouldn't you be having fun???!!

  18. Love the way your big stitch is creating such great texture on your quilt! It does look like fun. Funny, I just saw an ad in a magazine for those F&P needles!
    Got my FQ the other day - thanks! I'm so glad your Mom is still getting "donations" - how cool that they're coming in from all over the world!


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