Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quilty Recap for 2013

A quick look back at all my 2013 finishes! Always interesting to see them together. Somehow I had forgotten about a couple of them so it was a nice surprise to see that I actually got 12 quilts totally completed! Of course two of them are minis, but still, they count too!
2013 in pictures!
A few details: 6 of the quilts were completely hand quilted and another 3 had some hand quilting details after I had machine quilted the major part of the quilt. Another interesting thing about my 2013 quilting was that I gave 7 of these quilts away. Wowsers! No wonder I had lost track along the way.

For 2014 I want to continue with my frugal, use-it-up ways as much as possible. At the very least I want to start with fabric that's already in the totes, continuing to challenge myself to make things work. Last year I made a couple quilt tops from the scrap bin (not finished yet) and I definitely want to do more of that as it is very freeing and playful.

Something not totally obvious from these pictures--I didn't follow very many patterns in 2013. I kind of made it up as I went along. I really like the direction my quilts are going in though. It feels like I've crossed through some sort of mental roadblock and my quilts are feeling more and more personal all of the time. It's such a thrill to see more personality and character, more whimsical details, intriguing (to me) color combinations and the different layouts come alive right before my eyes. Maybe it's my imagination, but my quilts seem more vibrant than they ever have before.

Now if I could whittle down my stack of quilt tops so I could see for sure! I don't dare take a break from the creating though as it would no doubt put my imagination, motivation and inspiration in the deep freeze. Hope everyone has a great quilty New Year!


  1. So many wonderful finishes! It is fantastic that you are finding your own style with your quilts.

  2. You finished quite a few quilts in 2013 and it's fun to see them all together.

  3. You have been so creative and it is wonderful to hear how your work is evolving and inspiring you to another great year ahead! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Wow! Twelve in one year. I thought I did well with three. What an accomplishment! Happy New Year! Looking forward to what is to come next year.

  5. you were a busy bee - I gave some of mine away too - nice thing about blogging is at the end of the year you can go through and see what you did! looking forward to seeing all your quilts in 2014

  6. That old saying: if it aint' broke, don't fix it. I would certainly continue on making quilts the way you do...goodness, you completed 12 and handquilted some to boot!!!!
    Happy New Year.
    blessings, jill

  7. Fantastic year of quilts Audrey. Hope you continue to enjoy your creative process in 2014. What do you use to make a mosaic picture?

  8. Congrats on your finishes and I'm so glad your quilts are starting to feel more like you. That's exciting to me.

  9. Beautiful year of quilts, I love them a lot.
    Happy New Year ! XXX

  10. WOW! You got so many gorgeous things finished in 2013...and many of them hand done. Im in awe of your skills and dedication.

    2013 was a bit of a bust for me on the creative front I must admit. I got a lot less done than in previous years.

    Happy New Year to you and your family Audrey. Looking forward to seeing what you make in 2014.

  11. You are an inspiration to me! You have a beautiful collection of work. Have a wonderful 2014! Take care, Pam

  12. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog and see how you create such wonderful quilts! So nice to see your 2013 quilts in the collage... they are all fantastic!
    Happy New Year!

  13. An amazing collection of quilts, well done on being able to complete so many. I look forward to reading more about your progress with your creative use of your stash and how you make it work together to create your beautiful quilts.

  14. I'm so impressed with you finished especially considering you hand quilted some, Wow! Happy New Year.

  15. Wow, that's a beautiful collection of finishes! I love reading about your creative journey and moving away from patterns and using up your stash. :D That's something I'm hoping to work on in the new year, and you're inspiring me and giving me hope that it's possible. :D


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