Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Perfect Colors For the Season

It always feels so good to work with fall colors during the season. It just feels right. You know how some people have oodles of black shirts, pants, skirts and sweaters? Well, I am the girl that wears brown instead. Oh yeah, bring on the brown! And the greens, red and orange...
Fall Throw
My Fall Throw quilt top is together now. It's one of those projects that I know I could do better with, but well..., it's a throw. It's a thinking-of-you gift. Does it really have to stop people in their tracks so they wonder who the brilliant quilter is that put it together?*wink (Still laughing at that one.) But still, I'm not 100% happy with it because I did settle on some of the fabrics and I know that even if no-one else never would. The color might be a tish strong on the border and the outside corner half square triangles are a bit off too. It's definitely not perfect! Seriously though, I'm calling it good. Mostly because I have other projects that are pulling on me a lot harder than this one ever will and basically, I am happy with it. Okay, nice to have that all squared away with my conscious.
Little Tumblers
This little tumbler quilt was sandwiched, pinned, and machine quilted in slightly less than two hours. I know. AMAZing. Still wondering why I don't do that more often. I'm loving how it looks on my very ratty end table in my living room. Been married for 22 years and wow, has that end table seen every single year. Maybe some day I'll get ambitious and pitch it out into the yard? lol Looks like my mini quilt will help me avoid that decision for at least another year though....


  1. Right there with you on the brown wardrobe, and your dialogue on the quilt cracks me up! The tiny tumblers look too cute on your table!!

  2. precioso trabajo edredón y los vasos me gustan su mesa esta muy ,muy guapa no la tire, espere que yo este cerca para que pueda cogerla

  3. You are right, I am realizing that I need to make more small quilts too! Instant gratification. :) I love those flowers and the star blocks in your lap quilt. With that great centre, no one will be worrying about the border!

  4. love the little tumblers - it hides your table so you don't need to throw the table out LOL it sure is cute. I'm thinking of doing a quilt with mini tumblers or apple core - call me crazy - we are all the same out here in quilt land aren't we.

  5. The fall throw will make a wonderful gift. Love those little tumblers, must make one of those some day. But then I love tumblers of all sizes.

  6. Your fall quilt looks great!! Who needs a new table when you can just make a fun tumbler quilt!

  7. I love your tumbler mini (and your table is lovely too - you really should keep it )

    Im a brown fall/winter gal too!

  8. You'll be even happier once it is quilted. Love that border - it gives it some energy. The tumbler quilt is perfect for that table. Very pretty! We don't do fancy furniture in my house - there is no point - it won't be fancy for long and that's okay!

  9. That is a terrific fall quilt! Sometimes we don't like every quilt we make and that's ok. I give mine away, then I don't have to see it :)
    Love your tumbler quilt. It is so adorable.

  10. They are both lovely but I really love the tumbler quilt.


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