Monday, April 22, 2013

Need to Figure Out a Strategy Soon

I think I got a little crazy with this project.  Maybe.  Mostly right now I'm recovering from the flu (yeah I've been hiding it from you on purpose) and so I'm looking at this very saturated block of color on my wall and wondering just what it is I'm supposed to do next?
Learning Curves
There's still a ton of these little guys to iron and trim up too.  It's exhausting really.  I know I like bed sized quilts and all, but this is starting to look ridiculous....
So many to iron and trim up...
Maybe I need to finish the curves up and try to make two quilts out of my blocks? What I wish I had is a bigger design wall so I could throw some more of the curves on the wall and move things around, get some fresh perspective.
It has been fun learning to sew curves though
 believe it or not....
Wowsers.  Let me just say that it's a whole lot of color to deal with after staying out of the quilt room for a few days. Obviously I need to regroup and figure out a strategy or put it away for awhile if that's what it takes.  Does anybody else out there ever take a break from a quilt project and then come back in on it and positively flounder for direction?

The thing that really makes me sweat is how contemporary my quilt blocks look together up on the wall. Whoa....  That is so not something I'm used to dealing with ever in a million years!  Apparently I've been a little too wrapped up in having fun sewing the curves and not paying attention to the end result.  Who'd have ever thunk it?  Me being engrossed in sewing curves?


  1. I think your curves look great! :)
    Hope you are feeling much better very soon.

  2. I would like it as a wall hanging. Great impact that way.

  3. Hey, I like the colors and curves. OK, the look is a teensy bit contemporary at this stage. But I think if you add a border with some "primitive" applique..... what do you think? LOL Make two quilts and save one for a nice gifting.
    Bossy ain't I ???

  4. Oh, yes, that feeling I know. I have more than one quilt in a box that way. Did not know what to do next. Hope you find your way with this one, admire you for sewing all those curves!

  5. Contemporary, yes, very cool, yes indeed! If you're not happy with it, you can always traditional-ize it up with some of your beautiful traditional appliqued borders.

  6. Picked up on the contemporary vibe right away. I was surprised by the close-up of traditional fabrics! Maybe a series of Google searches for Drunkard's Path or curved piecing (look at Images only) for a spark of inspiration?

  7. Love your blocks. Maybe some sashing and cornerstones would make you like them more. I like the applique border idea, too! And, yes, a break from the blocks may be just the ticket. Who knows, maybe someday they'll find their way into one of your great medallion quilts. :)

    Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  8. sorry to hear you have the flu - I thought all that season was gone.

  9. I'd say you got a good strategy going .... that looks gorgeous on your wall just like that! Get better soon and get sewing!

  10. Take a break from a quilt project?? All the time...I believe they are called UFOs haha!!
    Love the curves!

  11. I agree with Paulette - all my UFOs are UFOs because they ran into some kind of technical or design problem.

    First, contemporary is not bad. But, these blocks would look more traditional in a traditional setting. I would set them on point, either with all the curves facing up, or, have all the curves facing away from the centre.

    A couple of people suggested a traditional applique border, and I think that would look great too!

  12. I love the contemporary look of your blocks! It will tell you what it wants. Glad you're on the mend.

  13. Fab looking quilt. Just shows that you have a modern side to you too. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  14. I love these blocks!! You have lots of great suggestions here, I like the idea of putting them on point... I have a ton of quilts waiting for me to make decisions and I know a break will help me see them with fresh eyes, or maybe I think pixies will come and finish them for me...

  15. I love these blocks, too! They have a very modern feel. I sometimes think design walls are overrated. Randomness can be good. Oh, yes, I often pull out a project and put it right back. Has to be the right time. Sorry you had the flu. Yuck. Hope you are all better soon.

  16. I love saturated color! Whats wrong with contempory as long as its tied together, traditionslly based and full of Sass?


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