Friday, November 30, 2012

9-Patch Series #4 Now a Completed Quilt Top!

Ahhh....  It feels good to have another completed quilt top!  This one has been in the works for quite awhile now.  You can read more about this series here if you like.
9-patch Series #4
This quilt top measures 100" x 97"--the first quilt top I've ever sewn together that is actually wider than it is long!  Very odd measurements, I agree.  I wanted to add applique borders onto three sides, but not the top. It didn't seem to need anything more, plus it's already a HUGE quilt.  Works for me!

The black background makes for a very bold, striking quilt and I love how the penny rug type border makes the black bleed into the border just a bit as well.  So very glad I dreamed up this border as the main part of this quilt is a copy (same blocks, different colors) of a sampler quilt I found in 'Great Sets' by Sharyn Craig.  I wish I could get a better picture of this quilt, but my house is not well suited to display quilts of this size and I remain a very camera challenged quilter.

The thought of hand quilting this particular quilt makes me feel quite terrified because of all the 'empty' spaces to fill, but for now it's going into a drawer.  There are many quilts in line before I get to this one, so I'll have lots of time to contemplate what needs to be done with it.  Somehow I always come to terms with the vast gulf between what I think should happen with a quilt and where my experience and skills lie.*wink


  1. This looks really great! I do love the penny border you made, and it all plays so well together. Sharyn Craig is a genius at setting blocks in interesting ways, I've used her book before as well. You should be really proud of this one!

  2. The penny rug tongues are what I like about this quilt. Makes it very unique.

  3. Oh My Goodness!!! That is one amazing quilt!!! and huge!!! Congratulations on finishing the top.

  4. Beautiful!! Like you, I sometimes have to "ponder" about how to quilt a finished top!! What ever you decide it will be lovely!


  5. WONDERFUL!!! The border really ties it all together and gives it a friendly, whimsical personality. I love the dark background with your colors too. Congratulations!!

  6. That quilt is spectacular - I think the border is my favorite part of it, but the whole thing just sings. Congrats on a great finish!

  7. Very beautiful, the border is my favorite part, too !

  8. Absolutely gorgeous border! I'm learning that borders can make or break a quilt and am thinking that I need to start moving out of my comfort zone and be a little more adventurous with my borders. ;-)

  9. This quilt makes me want to get some new fabrics in! Love the dark colours. I get so much inspiration looking at your quilt.

    So many comments in one go. Yep, I am catching up and my head is feeling a lot better.


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