Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Really Great Picture of My Quilt

I cannot seem to get a good picture of this quilt to save my life.  It does not want to cooperate with me (or maybe that's my camera?).  Oh well.  That's why my overwhelming interest is in quilting, not photography!  I'll try again on day when the lighting is better and maybe that will help.
Layout pretty much set in stone now.
This quilt is broke down into about nine panels that will have to be sewn together after I get the applique all figured out.  I have one or two little 2" pieces to change out because I'm not thrilled about the color it currently rests up against.  My measurements ended up being better than I originally thought and I only had a couple major goofs which I will NOT be discussing at the moment.*wink  I'll admit that after the other days work, I was envisioning a complete and total  'I am such an idiot' meltdown before it all came together, so things could be much, much worse.  Seam allowances can look like a lot of extra fabric before everything gets sewn together where it belongs.

I ended up re-doing two more blocks just because I thought they were so light colored that they basically disappeared.  In spite of all my grousing, I am actually very happy with the over-all look to this quilt.  I've been thinking about doing something like this for a long time and just kept shoving it to the back burner.  Not now, and maybe never was my thinking!  Then I challenged myself to try and use up some oldish fabric in this quilt and that always gets me fired up.  I wish you could see the little bit of Sweetwater fabric I used for the applique blocks, but it's not showing up too well in my horrible, very bad, no good picture.  This feels like a good resting stage for this quilt and that's good because now I'm ready to go to work on something else let this simmer for awhile...

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