Monday, October 10, 2011

NCW Quilt Guild Quilting Show

The NCW Quilt Guild puts on an annual quilt show in Wenatchee every fall.  I haven't been in probably close to five years because I usually spend my money and time to go to the Buggy Barn Quilt Show earlier in the fall instead--much more inspirational to me as a rule!  Anyway, I got up early on Saturday morning and decided to make the trek to Wenatchee to check out the quilt show (and maybe find some good vendors).  Ha!  Now you know the real reason why I went.  Whatever.  It was a great show, with lots of wonderful quilts, great talent and lots to think about.  What struck me most was how different the experience was for me this time as opposed to going, what, five years ago?  I've traveled down the road a little since then in my quilting experiences.  Intimidation was still a big factor back then.  I walked around thinking, 'Wow, I love that, but I could NEVER do that!', etc. etc.  Now I'm completely fearless.  Huh, right.  Liar, liar, pants on fire!!  However, I am beginning to think LESS about how challenging certain things in quilting could be and MORE about what I want and need to make happen--for my own satisfaction in the completion of my quilts.  Lets just say that it was a very liberating moment to suddenly understand how very much I have grown in my quilting, plus I got to bring home about 26 old Quilting Newsletter magazines from a thrifty vendor.  Score!!
Easily my favorite quilt in the entire show.  Pure loveliness.
This quilt was breathtakingly rich and sumptious.
I DON'T want to do one of these, but my eyes, they feast on these quilts.:)
I'm a sucker for baskets & flower quilts, every single time!
It's wool & that's so not my thing, but this quilt simply charmed me.

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