Monday, January 10, 2011

Archaic Art of Hand Quilting

This a month that used to be guaranteed full-of-plentiful-quilting days for me. Then my husband decided to be self-employed in 2006 (need I really say more? hehe). I, the grand pooh-bah of all things concerning paperwork, seem to have less and less time for quilting in the month of January.:( Whine, snivel, moan. It really is a bitter pill to swallow so I've worked hard to balance things out a little. I have this little schedule I follow. I absolutely do not eat lunch in the office (more like my little cave of horrors). No cruising the Internet until after I deem office hours are over, so as not to be distracted and delay my return to sanity. No office work after 2:00 p.m. unless I am in the middle of something Critical. The incentive to quitting office work at 2:00 is simple: My kids get home from school after 3:00 which means 1 hr. of uninterrupted quilting time for me if I choose to indulge. Then, because my sanity is very important to me and bookwork shreds my nerve endings, I always, always have a quilt in the hoop to work on late in the evening. Yet another important reason I cling to this archaic art of hand quilting. lol!

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