Monday, January 6, 2014

Plain Jane's Time is Coming!

Always like to get a quilt back in the hoop as soon as I can. I'm giving myself a week or so pass from hand quilting though so I can catch up on my applique. Lately I just can't seem to fit in any decent time in for applique so that is how I roll! lol  Excuses, excuses. Getting our son off to the airport today (brr) and then school starting back up tomorrow for the youngers will get us back into regular routine in a hurry.
My Plain Jane quilt
I thought I'd use Perle Cotton on this quilt and just go crazy, but the more I got to looking, the more I want to do a Baptist Fan pattern with regular hand quilting thread. Simple I know, but oddly compatible too. Feel free to tell me if you disagree!
A closer look at Plain Jane
I somehow managed to mislead everyone about Dutch Comfort being a 2014 finish, but it's not quite.*sigh  Hopefully this picture shows that more clearly. I have the binding sewn on by machine, but still need to turn it over and hand sew it onto the back. Was waiting for the proper color of thread as red seems to disappear quickly around here. Maybe all those applique flowers and berries I'm always adding on everywhere? Whatever. Now I have the thread (plus a few other colors just in case something else comes up) and will be waiting for the proper mood to strike for the sit-down time with the binding. I'm a little iffy about how and when that particular mood strikes, but hopefully it will be sometime this week as I would love to throw this across my bed and watch it warm up my room.
Dutch Comfort
Then I will be sure and bore you all with a picture of the entire quilt in its wonderful finished glory so you can rest easy knowing that I do actually wash out the blue markings.*wink  Funny how I'm less concerned about that than I used to be although I have been trying to keep it out of direct sunlight.


  1. Baptist Fan would be my choice. I find that quilting design so soothing to look at and to do.

  2. I am contemplating a basket quilt right now and love yours! The baptist fan would look great and give it a very vintage feel.

  3. I really have no preference, I just love any form of handquilting on quilts, whatever you decide it will be beautiful.

  4. I love the Baptist Fan, and think it would look great on your quilt. It would give it a more traditional look, imo. Whereas 'going crazy' with perle cotton would jazz it up a bit, and lean it more toward ... I don't know, folky? There looks to be a good amount of light space around the baskets to play with, and of course light or a contrasting color on the border would be striking. I see all kinds of possibilities with this quilt. Good luck making a decision! I'm sure whatever you do will be lovely. Was I any help? lol!

  5. I don't think I saw the border on Plain Jane before. "Simplify!" I love that! The fan quilting will be perfect, too. Another fun quilt in the works here, Audrey!

  6. I love both quilting with perle cotton and hand quilting thread, though I lead heavier towards the 'regular' thread. Just how I learned to quilt. I would appreciate it if you could give a mini tutorial of sorts on the baptist fan how to. I read several how to's but guess my brain just could not comprehend. I would love to do it, but my attempts were horrible.
    Look forward to both beautiful finishes.
    blessings, jill

  7. I love Baptists fans...I say go for it!

  8. I think the fans would be perfect for that quilt!!

  9. I agree!!! Baptist fans would be the perfect compliment for Plain Jane! I never tire of seeing them, nor quilting them!


  10. Yes! do quilt baptist fans, they'll look wonderful with this quilt. I'm glad you'll be showing off Dutch Comfort in all its glory when it's properly finished. It's always good to celebrate the finishing of a quilt.

  11. Go with the Baptist Fan, absolutely!

  12. Yes, Plain Jane is begging to be quilted in Baptist fan! Go for it and keep inspiring us with your awesome quilts.
    All the best in 2014!

  13. Why don't you combine the two and do baptist fan but in big stitch with perle cotton. I've done that a few times and the results are wonderful.. Folky and very fast :-)


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