Sunday, June 23, 2013

Inspiration and Slow Stitching Sunday

I found this picture the other day on Pinterest!  It is obviously the initial inspiration for my Quarter Circle project although I don't remember seeing the quilt in it's entirety.  I must have though because I've definitely lurked there at least once before! lol  If you go to the International Quilt Study and Museum and click to search the collections, there is just one block of this quilt showing on the header. I LOVE that one block.
Quilt made by Elizabeth (Betsy) Cave
Anyway, that little tiny sliver of Elizabeth Cave's quilt completely captured my imagination and eventually led to me starting my own interpretation of her beautiful quilt. Funny the things that we find inspiration in isn't it? The whole quilt is fascinating for sure, but the one block is what made my brain cells start dancing.*wink
A few more bow-tie blocks for my Forever Project
It's been a long time since I've linked up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching and you all know I'm a dedicated slow stitcher woman! Sixteen more hand pieced bow-tie blocks finished up and only about eight or so are responsible for my crook neck.  That's what I get from trying to sew in the car (in terrible lighting) while waiting on an airplane.  We should have just went and waited at the airport, but then we'd have had to pay more for parking! Oh well.  Next time I'll know better. Really, what's a couple extra dollars if it means being able to hand sew in (relative) comfort? hehe I already know how my husband would answer that question!


  1. hand work in comfort and better lighting! yes it would win out for me.

  2. Your bowties are really making me think about starting some of my own. But I just started another quilt tonight. Ack. It never ends! :)

  3. I zipped over to the International Quilt Study & Museum site, and yes, I can see why that one quarter circle block caught your eye. I love the colours of red & mustard and the blue and cream/white stripe, that has been used in that 1 block. Also the photo of the quilt from Pinterest is an eye-catcher too.

  4. Hi, Audrey. I would've paid the extra parking--airports are my favorite place to stitch. Lots of action to watch and you can usually find a comfortable seat. I go at least 4 hours early when I fly! Thanks for stopping by MulticoloredSnippets and commenting. I've enjoyed visiting your blog a bit. You've got some lovely projects going.
    best, nadia

  5. I love your bowtie blocks...very pretty!

  6. Oh, I can sure see why that block captured your imagination! I love that quilt! Very fun and very striking. I love her color combos.

    Good job on the bow ties! I've spent too long at airports lately. Some hand work would have been a nice distraction. Yes, I think the few more dollars would definitely have been worth it! (and my hubby would probably agree with yours!)

  7. love the bow ties! I can see how that quilt inspired you. Love that block.
    have a great week

  8. The toll quilting takes on a body! 16 more blocks? Yea! Your inspiration quilt is awesome.

  9. The inspiration quilt is fabulous, and your version is too! 16 blocks! You must have been waiting a while. Next time you could go into the airport a little bit earlier.

  10. You really are moving along with your bow ties...I love hand stitching . Its completely different to machine work ...makes me feel a lot closer to the women before me who hand sewed almost everything.

  11. Very pretty bow tie blocks, love the teal background.

  12. Opportunity for hand stitching = priceless! LOL
    THanks for linking up and showing us your ties!


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