Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dealing With Disappointment 101

The best way (that I've found) to deal with disappointment is DIStraction. We always, always head to the coast on the 4th of July except, apparently, this year. No moolah, too many bills and wow! have you figured out what a tank of fuel costs these days? Which is why I'm disappointed. Which is why I started a new project. So far I'm falling for it in all it's beachy florals and calm, soothing, yellow golds. May the force be with me. Or whatever. I really, really don't want to cry today.


  1. Thank you for this blog! I just found it and I'm so glad - you're saying all of the funny and cranky things I've been thinking these days (like why do all quilts look alike these days and why is hand quilting now a poor sister to long arm bazillion dollar machines?). I move from project to project and back, use all manner of fabric that I can scrounge up, and I was raised 'poor' rather than 'green' so get it about the older quilts. Our colors are completely different, out pattern choices are different, but thanks for being there and writing.


  2. thanx. i'm just another obsessive quilter bee trying to figure out my hobby.:)


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