Monday, March 19, 2012

Top 15 Favorite Quilt Blogs

I'm the gal sitting in the car in the parking lot working on a quilt project while waiting for the husband to come out of Home Depot.  I'm the mom at the top of the bleachers working on yet another little applique block while the kiddos warm up for the game.  Yep, it's the same project I was working on last year.  I'm also one of those sneaky quilters who stalk your blog and make your page view stats climb.  You know, for inspiration.  (I'm just not that into the following thing yet.)  How crazy is it that we can open up google whenever we want and sort of 'stare' through the windows of someone else's quilt room/studio?  Plus, get a little peek inside of their head!  The following is a list of my absolute favorite Top 15 Favorite Quilt Blogs arranged in no particular order.  For now.  It could change tomorrow.

  1. Material Obsession
  2. Log Cabin Quilter
  3. Stitched In Color
  4. Between Stitches
  5. Humble Quilts
  6. La Vie en Rosie
  7. Quiltsalott
  8. Tim Latimer-Quilts Etc.
  9. Blue Elephant Stitches
  10. Dorothy's Threads of Life
  11. Diary of a Quilter
  12. Celebrate Hand Quilting
  13. Quilterie
  14. Susis Quilts
  15. Little Island Quilting
There you go.  I have others that I dithered about, probably could and should be my favorites and might be another day.  Little things like: beautiful pictures, constant menu of inspiration, real projects, humor, and of course style, color, and designs were the deciding factors.  No big.  What are some of your favorite quilt blogs this year?


  1. I was curious to see who I should go and visit. I scrolled down and saw some of my favourite blogs too, and a few that I had never heard of. I almost spat my tea out when I came across MY blog. I feel honoured to have been mentioned, and amongst quite illustrious company too! Thanks.

    1. Too funny! I looked for quilt blogs that resonated with me for well over a year and I've always enjoyed yours.:)

  2. I recognize many in your list of blogs and some are new to me. I am off to check them out.

  3. Oh you are so sweet! I see many of my favs too and a few I need to check out.

  4. I found your blog thru Temecula Quilt Co. Another Audrey who is commenting! So I had to check you out. I can't wait to spend the time going thru your older posts. We seem to like very similar things from different sides of the country. I just started blogging so stop on over if you can.

  5. oh, thank you ,audrey,for mentioning my blog on your list,it is so pleasing,hav a nice day,susi

  6. Wow! Thanks so much for adding me to your list!

  7. Thanks for sharing the list. Gives me something to think about to make my own blog better.

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