Friday, November 10, 2017

Not My Normal Way of Working

This has been one of those 'what was I thinking' sort of quilts. All the time I am sewing parts together, my mind is wandering and it's so very hard to stay on track.
The largest chunk of my Straight & Narrow quilt sewn together
I can't say there is any real regret as this quilt will be very easy to give away and the time involved is not extreme. Even including the seam ripper time caused by random strips joining up in an unfortunate way! The picture below shows how it should look after the final rows are joined. As usual, the applique work needs to be finished first.
Looking at it with the next two panels
At this time, those chunky crosses are just pinned down and those last two panels aren't sewn onto the rest of the quilt. The original pattern had 12 crosses, but alas they were pieced. That just seemed like a lot more work to me and would also ruin the directional look to my background fabric. So now there are only 9 chunky crosses in which I went totally wild with and free cut with scissors. Wow. I. Am. So. Clever. Maybe I can get that stitching done this weekend though?
Free-cut crosses still need stitched down
And yes, I warned you this would be a bland quilt! Of course I couldn't handle keeping the crosses to one fabric so had to dig around and find some fabrics that would play nicely together, but more importantly add a bit of spark. Just a teeny, tiny bit of spark. This is why I don't like making quilts especially for somebody! There is just not enough freedom to properly play.....
An impulsive make
Not surprising then that last night found me pushing that quilt aside and impulsively making a little pillow. Just because I could! It will be a gift for our annual secret sister thing we do at our church. Every year the ladies {who are currently interesting in being involved} draw/exchange names and then throughout the year we give a 'thinking of you' gift--once a month. Next week is the reveal party and this will make a nice little addition to what I already have prepared.
Fun to play with fabric!
And I don't usually enjoy making things like this. Not really. But compared to working on the bland quilt? So much fun!


  1. I work with saturated colour in my quilts but I have to say I do like the quieter piece you've started on. The crosses really grab attention - carry on please!

  2. I like this quilt you have going on! The appliqued, free-cut crosses put your mark on it, and I think it really adds something. Even though you may be feeling lukewarm about the endeavor, I think it'll be a fine quilt when it's finished.

  3. Your 'straight & narrow' quilt is more toned down than your norm, and it's a lovely!

  4. I like the straight and narrow, it is simple and maybe a little boring to make but the result looks so good and the crosses are a perfect addition. Warm greetings

  5. I agree with most -- I like your "bland" straight & narrow. Yes, it is different from your usual but it's very visual just the same. Cheddar and blue = great combination!

  6. Funny, I don't see it as bland, just quiet and comforting...and I also love those little crosses...hugs, Julierose

  7. What has inspired your cross quilt?
    Your eagle quilt (picture for what is in the hoop) might be my most favorite thing you have made.

  8. Your straight and narrow may be different than your usual style, but it's lovely none the less. It has a quiet, utility, make-do kind of look. The freestyle crosses adds your mark.

  9. Oh, Chinese Coins. But I'm curious how you appliqued the crosses and got those inner corners so sharp. I do like their slightly askew alignment.

  10. Bland always causes me issues (unless it is a deliberate low volume project). That little pillow is wonderful.

  11. As others have said, I don't see "bland," I see "quiet and peaceful." If nothing else, working with fabrics that don't wow you reaffirms the bright colors that do float your boat!

  12. I guess you have to be satisfied with the thought that the recipients will like this, though those chunky crosses do sneak a little touch of you into the mix. I love the wee pillow.

  13. I happen to love this quilt and I think that the row of crosses really add to the piece.


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