Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Hand Stitching Post

Sometimes the hand work gets lost in the shuffle. We spend innumerable hours on it, but then hesitate to show off our progress. {It doesn't magically happen overnight people!} This weekend finds me finishing up with not only the petals to my huge Folksy Flower, but also, getting the bias strip stitched down on the wobbly looking center.
Folksy Flower
The whole thing shifted on me more than I care to admit to, but should, in the end, work out just fine. I just had to try the basting method when I was adamantly assured that basting takes care of any wonky shifting issues. Uh huh. Not with with me. Or apparently not with this large of a piece? But then I probably did the basting incorrectly and caused the problems! lol  I measured my flower for those that seem curious and now I've already forgotten. It's either 44 or 48" square? Quite a large piece to work with. I just need to cut out the fabric from behind each petal and then figure out where to go next. There are lots of ideas percolating so it shouldn't be long.

I also started making a throw pillow for a friend this weekend. The center block was one that got left out of a previous quilting attempt and was begging to be used.
Starting a pillow
I added a youngish, sweet fabric and then went more 'modern' with the rest. It seemed fitting for a gal in her early 20's who is independent, but still very sweet and girly.
A finish!
The back of the pillow was fun to put together and I'm hoping the cowboy fabric (on the right) will be a personal touch for someone who loves her horses etc. This will go into my end of the year 'revealing' gift bag, part of a year-long gift exchange some of us ladies do in our church. So glad to get the bottom of the pillow hand stitched together and all ready to go!
Interesting back...
I've also been busy stitching down the circles for my Lil' Red Riding Hood blocks. First the quarter circles onto the larger light colored circles and then, stitching those onto the light green background squares. I am absolutely loving working with these calm, pretty fabrics. It makes me wonder why I ever avoid these sorts of colors as being too boring? There is something to be said for sewing together relaxing/calming fabrics once in awhile and of course taking the time {by hand stitching} to actually enjoy working with them!
Lil' Red Riding Hood applique...
Also, I received this little package of Quilters Dream Batting from the Fabric N Quilts Scrap Quilt Challenge 5. Thanks to the sponsors for all the fun giveaway prizes! I am itching to try this poly bat out as I've never used it before.
Something new to try!
My Old Fashioned Strings quilt was one of the many winners in the Scrap Quilt Challenge, something that was kind of a sweet little thrill. How fun to enter a quilt made from little bits of leftover scraps and then actually win a very usable prize! I'm wondering how it will do with hand quilting or if I should save it for a machine quilting project. Does anyone have experience with this type of bat?

Once again I'm linking up with Kathys Slow Sunday Stitching. Love her thoughtful post today!


  1. You have a good variety of black fabrics. My stash of black is getting low.

  2. a lot of hand work! and you are right it takes awhile and sometimes progress is slow! let us know how you like the batting - I have never tried it.

  3. As always you have a wonderful variety of projects going on, but all tied together with the rhythmic motion of hand stitching.

  4. Busy, busy, busy! Handstitiching is wonderful, love doing that, piecing, applique and quilting..

  5. I LOVE,... Lil' Red Riding Hood,...

  6. That is one big flower! You are right about hand stitching, but it's often what helps make a quilt special. I love the muted colours of Lil' Red Riding Hood: I'm in that kind of mood at the moment.

  7. That large flower is quite a bit of time consuming sewing indeed! Love the pretty circles and pillow is going to be a much appreciated gift, I am sure. It's gorgeous!

  8. That large flower is quite a bit of time consuming sewing indeed! Love the pretty circles and pillow is going to be a much appreciated gift, I am sure. It's gorgeous!

  9. I love using Hobbs poly down which is a polyester batting. I imagine QD would be just as nice. I haven't used it in machine quilting but love it for hand quilting. Polyester batts have come along way in the past few years. Love your large flower and understand exactly about the shifting. I didn't realize it was quite that large, what a statement.

  10. This makes me wonder about the difference between hand-stitching vibrant, intense colors versus low volume shades. I bet there is something to be said for that! I l-o-v-e the backing. Those are train stations in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, a few of which were my stops - interesting indeed - I need to get this fabric!

  11. You have been busy! I really, really, really like your huge flower!

  12. The huge flower is so fun! I'm so glad you won a prize for your old fashioned strings, it is one of my favorites of your. Simple but perfect.

  13. Love your big flower!! My flowers are awaiting my attention on my wall...just lovely low-volume collection you have there--hugs, Julierose

  14. I am always amazed at the amount of hand stitching you do! Love how the big flower is looking so far.

  15. I love that folksy flower! Such a beautiful pillow, such a sweet gift! Lovely Lil Red Riding Hood blocks. I will be interested in your opinion about the batting.

  16. Love the folksy flower, it's stunning - and love that pillow too, what a lovely gift!!!

  17. Little Red Riding Hood is looking wonderful Audrey, sometimes we're just in a quieter mood :) I love your finished cushion too, I think the fabrics you added are really fun. I bet you're young friend will love it, it's so very thoughtful :)

    Don't ask me about accuracy of piecing/applique...anything really, I just do it and see what happens, haha!!


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