Monday, December 29, 2014

A Mad Rush to Finish the Binding

Apparently I didn't get the memo that this is a week for relaxing. Here I am powering through the binding when normally I put it off for at least a couple weeks, girding myself up for something.  Hmm..  A little hand stitching that ultimately feels very relaxing?
Getting the binding ready....
I don't mind binding work at all. Really. There's absolutely nothing to intimidate or even make me feel any irritation whatsoever. It's a step or a phase and an easy one at that. It's just that I usually tend to allow a little breathing space between the time I finish the quilting and the moment I start the binding, that's all. Still scratching my head over the compulsion to finish this. So not what I normally do these days!
Sewing the binding onto Quarter Circles....
Must be the end of the year thing, checking another quilt off the endless list of UFQ's. I know some people feel very strongly that the end of the year list of 'finishes' is boasting or gloating, but for me, it's a celebration. Hey, looky, looky! I may start a bazillion and a half projects, but there are some finishes too! PROOF in color pictures!! 

I'm gonna work on that list tomorrow or Wednesday and by then.... I may just have Quarter Circles in the bag. Stranger things have happened.*wink


  1. And sewing on the binding is fun!

  2. I'm ready to celebrate right there with you! I love seeing your finishes so go right ahead and share all you want. Please.

  3. I love the binding part! It means you're almost done and ready to move on to the next project :)

  4. I don't think it is boasting - you are keeping a record for yourself that you do finish things so you deserve more fabric!

  5. Who are these people? ..."boasting and gloating" that's just sour puss you go ahead dear Audrey and list your INSPIRING quilts and finishes. I for one love to cheer on others achievements. You go girl!

  6. I admire you for finding the time at all right now to do this!

  7. I save sewing the binding for my 87 year old Mother--she says she enjoys doing it--gives her something to do during the darkness of the winter nights. I always think it binds the two of us together and makes the quilt more special

  8. Well congratulations! This one went quickly! :)


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