Monday, May 12, 2014

One of Those Special Quilts

A friend gave me some old challenge blocks from our Pieceable Souls quilting group a couple years ago.   They have that wildlife, lodge, outdoors thing going on that is so not me. But you know how it is with friends. About ten different people had made them for the challenge, so they have a special sentimental quality that cannot be replaced by the use of fabulous fabrics. 
Auditioning some fabrics
All along I thought it would be great to incorporate them into a cozy lap quilt and then of course, give them back. I don't want to get all crazy and intricate with these particular blocks, but they do need to look like I care. Like I think they're special. Which of course they are! There's a date in the fall that would be a perfect time to re-gift these blocks and so that's my tentative deadline for now. We'll see how long my enthusiasm holds up!
Figuring things out
I drew up a quick little sketch to come up with some basic measurements. As the blocks range from 11 3/4" to almost 13 1/2", I'll most likely be starting with some coping strips to bring the blocks up to a common measurement. From there I can fine tune the sashing and layout. No matter what, this will be a very non-stress quilt right up to the moment I hand it over. Then I'll be sweating bullets.*wink


  1. I bet it will turn out great! have fun with it

  2. Well, if they read your blog, there are no secrets now! I think your design looks extremely promising, a good way to tie together both the different sizes and colours of the blocks. It could be really fun!

  3. How wonderful for you to put them together! I true gift, using your creative gift.

  4. este edredón sera especial!!!!
    tiene ya un encanto, me gusta

  5. Sounds like a great plan, and you have a deadline which is always helpful to get projects over the finish line.

  6. It's going to be amazing, wonderful and stupendously beautiful!

  7. Such a fun project, can't wait to see how you are going to handle this!

  8. Looking at the fabrics you have chosen I think it will turn out beautifully!

  9. I think you will come up with something fabulous...and a deadline always helps! :)


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