Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Working With Fall Colors

Still trying to get the quilt top finished up on Learning Curves. I have all the blocks sewn together and ironed. Then I played and played and played with the layout. Ugghh. How many different ways can my eyes cross? It's not the quilt that I'm Ughhing about, it's the decision making. What looks good, better, best?
Learning Curves
And no I'm not showing you that. I took a zillion pictures and most of them are fuzzy. Even my camera got dizzy from the lack of focus and direction.
Pin, pin, pin
I did manage to settle on a layout that seemed to stand out from the rest, so went with it before I changed my mind. Nobody was at home when I checked it all out for the final 'did I get all the blocks going in the right direction and are the greens all stacked together and looking weird together' perusal. You never know. There always seems to be an 'oops' moment lurking around the corner with me! lol
A little Fall mini
I also have a little Fall mini that I've been working on here and there. I had hoped to have it done by Halloween which is starting to actually look possible. The center of the quilt is designed by Diane Knott of Butterfly Threads and was published in the latest Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine. Even though I adored the original, I had to change it up and then of course you know me--more borders had to be included. Why stop when there is more fabric to use up?


  1. Whoa, DUDE, that is a lot of curves.
    And they are looking goo-ood!
    Sorry to state the blindingly obvious, but they look like little HST's but better. Because they move.
    Loving it. Can't wait to see where this goes...

  2. Glad you were able to get it all figured out and make a decision on the layout. Looking forward to seeing what you came up with.

  3. love that layout of the drunkards path blocks - they look pretty small - 2 1/2" or so?

  4. I tried to leave a comment from my iPad but it's being cranky! I just want to tell you that I LOVE what you've done with the little acorn project and think you've really added some personality to it! Way to go!!

  5. I really love Learning Curves. Can't wait to see the final . . . Take care, Byrd

  6. With all those beautiful Autumn colours, whichever way you lay out your quilt top, it will look great!

  7. Love those curvy blocks, can't even imagine making that many curves... know all about those 'oops' moments :-)!

  8. That last sentence sums it up perfectly!! I'm so curious to see what layout you decided on with your curvy quilt. It's fun that you're keeping us in suspense. Your fall mini is fun too, I think you'll get it done by Halloween.

  9. Oh, that must have been so difficult....but I am sure it will look beautiful. I have those 'oops' moments too.

  10. I love this quilt. I'm sure your layout is just perfect. The colors and shapes are really warm and cozy, while still modern. Fun mini too!

  11. I love the little mini with the centre block set on an angle like that. Lots of fall colours today!


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