Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Flower Pot Basket Progress

The Flower Pot basket blocks are slowly, but surely getting sewn together.  So many little pieces to put in the proper position!  I always chain piece where I can and that seems to make things go faster.
Chain piecing the Flower Pot blocks
I'm probably going to put these blocks on point which means I will need 28 more than what I previously had pieced together.  Of course, no decision is ever firm until I get a chance to lay things out and audition the blocks properly!  I'm also pretty sure I don't have a good fabric to use for the coping strip either, which means I will have to get very creative or make a run to the quilt store with my fingers crossed.  Our local quilt stores doesn't exactly carry a lot of this type of fabric.
Almost done!
I have had to do some end of the quarter book work in the office the last couple days and then yesterday I finally got serious and made a 'real' grocery list.  Other than picking up the essentials, I hadn't been grocery shopping for close to a month.*yikes  The grocery list itself took almost two hours to put together and then my husband and I didn't get away from the house until almost 8 pm.  Rather late to grocery shop, but we're having vehicle problems lately, the kids are extremely busy with practices/games and running every which direction and well, it just happened that way.

Takes me back to the days when my kids were very young and I actually chose to go grocery shopping late in the evenings (after the kids had gone to bed and their daddy was home to keep a watch on them)! Now days, I have to admit, I much prefer to go grocery shopping when the quilt shop is open and I can stop in for a quick look around.  Mothers do need the occasional reward for good behavior you know.*wink

Oh yes, I'm keeping the giveaway open till Thursday.  Stop by and comment for a chance to win!


  1. The stripes look great with the baskets.

  2. Love your little baskets. I hate supermarket shopping and always put it off, if there was a quilt shop nearby I'd probably be more keen to go.

  3. Love those little baskets.

    I do my grocery shopping online because basically I'm lazy. The man drops it off to my house and unpacks it on my bench. And I can do my shopping at midnight if I feel like it. Best invention ever!

  4. Have you thought about using a striped print for the coping strips??? I sometimes cut part of a stripe out of a border print. It would get your eye to follow the lines up through the quilt. Just an idea!!

  5. Grocery shopping is the pits, the basket blocks are more like it right? I mean, rather quit than shop.

  6. I'm a chain piecer too whenever I can. It saves tons of time and thread. Going to the g-store less often saves time too. Your baskets blocks are pretty cute!

  7. Not only do I love those precious baskets, but I learned something - did not know the term "coping strip",so I looked it up and added to my quilt knowledge.

  8. Your flower pot blocks are a hit with me. They look like a nice size. How many do you have to make?

  9. What sweet flower pots...I haven't seen that design before...so pretty!

  10. Love chain piecing too. Looking forward to see where you go from here.


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